Sunday, February 24, 2013

Its another Funday Sunday "NOT"

And here we are at the start of another fun filled Sunday. What to do today on this very bitter cold Sunday Morning, 
  1. I could go for a walk along the beach, 
  2. Go hang Gliding of of the North Downs, 
  3. Go Sailing in the Solent, 
  4. Sit in the lounge in the warm on the computer. 
Answers on a post card please to "To Flaming cold to go out" c/o Freezing Britain, UK.

Todays Breakfast.
Oh well let Sanity return, it was a funny night last night, not a bad sleep but kept waking up every couple of  hours and then going back to sleep again, probably the Methotrexate having a bit of fun with my body, anyway I actually did not get up this morning until 10.00.  I so enjoyed the lie in anyway can't stay in bed all day so I get up and get myself a coffee and also had a bowl of Gluten free Chocolate stars and a Banana for Breakfast and really enjoyed them. Once I had finished Breakfast I text Pauline to let her know that all is OK, she has just got back in from taking Misty for a walk and Gordon is Decorating the Bedroom so they are all Ok so after having a chat with Pauline I get dressed and then log on to the internet and check out emails and facebook.

The trouble with having a lie in so late is that before you know it half the day is gone, it is now 12.00 midday and Gervase phones to say he will be coming round about 1.00 to take me shopping, so I need to get myself sorted and get ready for when gervase arrives, seeing as I only had breakfast at 10.30 I will give lunch a miss today and maybe have an earlier dinner this evening. so I go and have a shave and a shower and then get myself dressed ready for when Gervase arrives at 1.00.

At about 1.10 Gervase arrives just as I am halfway through the first chapter of " Right Ho Jeeves" by P.J. Woodhouse, which I have just started to read on my ipad. I do like P.J Woodhouse and also enjoyed the TV Series of Jeeves and Wooster in the early 1990,s starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.
Jeeves and Wooster on ITV 1990 to 1993.
Gervase waits until I finish the chapter and then we are off down to Morrisons to get the shopping, I have not got a lot to get today, in fact Gervase gets more than I do alythough I do get more than I intended to.
Morrisons Store in Portsmouth City Centre.
As you can see from the Photograph above it was very busy in morrisons today, but anyway we get around and get what we want as opposed to what we actually needed, (nothing like a bit of spoiling ones self with a few extras on a cold and miserable winters day), however once we have finished we pay for it and then make our way back to the car where Gervase loads up the shopping while I look on and give the orders LOL.

We have to much shopping Gervase
You are doing a good Job Gervase " Keep Smiling Lad "
As you can see it won't all go in the boot, mine has to go on the back seat, anyway once it is all loaded up we are off to B&Q as I need to get a bulb Puller for the bulbs in the Kitchen and Bathroom light fittings and also I need to get a Carbon Monoxide Alarm for the flat as well, I have a smoke alarm but not a Carbon Monoxide one. we get to B&Q and go in, I see Dave and Lee the two electricians that work there so they sort me out with a bulb puller, and then I see Paul on the Paint desk and Maria on Hardware, before getting the Carbon Monoxide Alarm/Detector it is a built in battery operated alarm  with a 7 year life span, so I can take it with me f I ever Move again. 
B&Q Portsmouth.

Once we leave B&Q we head home where we get my shopping indoors and get it put away, I make a coffee and Gervase and I have a chat before Gervase makes his way back home to Leanne, They are going out tonight to a friends birthday get together, it is a curry evening and they are all ordering Take away,s and as Gervase and Leanne are both Vegetarians and have had bad experiences with ordering vegetarian take away currys and finding odd bits of meat in them Gervase is going to make his own curry and take with them, Gervase is like me as I like to cook from fresh produce as I like to know what I am eating, and gervase is a good cook as well.

Anyway it is now 5.30 so I am putting dinner on now and then I will get this posted before dinner is ready for 6.15, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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