Friday, March 1, 2013

Freaky Friday dawns once again. "Bah Humbug

And so March has now arrived

well here we are on the first day of March and apparently Spring is on the way, so who is kidding who, It looks Blinking awful outside today, cold and very grey feels more like November than March, anyway no good moaning about is I suppose, just got to get on with the day, at least I suppose the weather is one thing we cannot blame the Government for "Or can we ???"

Cameron and Clegg,s Take from the poor and give to the rich Party.
Well you have probably guessed by now that I am having a rubbish day so this Journal today will not be that long, as the sooner I get to bed this evening, the sooner tomorrow will arrive and hopefully a better day. I have just had a look to see how the first of March started last year, Not a lot different to today really

A bored Carer.
The Restless night was about the same, anyway I got to bed about 11.00 and got to sleep about 11.30  but woke at 12.30 and also about 2.00 until finally sleeping through until about 7.15 this morning. Made a coffee and lazed around in bad until about 8.10 when I took another coffee into the lounge to wait for the carer. While I was waiting I went on line and paid some bills that were due and hen the carer arrives at about 8.45. Another new one again today, about the same age as the carer yesterday, only her attitude was totally different, no interest in what she was doing and got me washed and groomed and was on her way, total time spent was 10 minutes signed in at 8.45 signed out at 8.55, so that set the mood for today.

Reading the Paper
Once the Uninterested carer was on her way I text Pauline and then get some boil in the bag kippers for breakfast, That was another mistake, I used to love Kippers for breakfast but I found them so very salty now and could not handle all the bones, so they got binned and I had porridge instead.

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch
That was so much better, anyway after breakfast I get dressed and go round to get the morning paper, it s so cold and grey out today so was glad to get the paper and then back indoors to read the paper and catch up on morning TV.  The Trouble is that now I am back home my feet are so cold that the Raynaud's has come to pay a visit to my toes and that is so painful and it takes over an hour of painful and tingly Purple toes before the Raynaud's gets bored and decides to leave. which is when the upper leg muscles decide to play up and teach me that walking to Asda yesterday with Pauline was not a good idea, so that is about how my day seems to be going and its only 12.00 Noon. The one Positive thing about today is that the IBS has decided to take a day off "Hooray"

Get well soon Pauline
Pauline Phones just after mid day to say that she is sorry she has not replied to my earlier text but she was not feeling well this morning so has been sleeping and has just woken up, looks like she has caught what Gordon had at the beginning of the week, so hopefully sleeping it off will help, anyway told her to take some paracetamol and plenty of fluids and rest.

However It is now 1.00 pm so I decide to get myself some baxters Potato and leek soup for lunch and then I can take my Methotrexate. the soup was nice and the Methotrexate was a necessity, anyway once that is over I go for a lie down for an hour before deciding that as far as I was concerned that was as much as I wanted to do today, so I get this journal written and I am now going to get it posted and then apart from getting dinner at 6.00 I am going to spend the rest of the day on my laptop chatting and playing words with friends on facebook and in between reading some Jeeves and Wooster story,s on the iPad so now that I have totally depressed you all I will say Au Revoir until tomorrow which I hope will be a much better day for me than today has been. At least after the last 2 years there are now more good days than there are bad days.

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