Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fresh air at Last

Well what can I say A trip out into the cold, freezing, windy, dull, damp, exhaust fumed,  fresh air did me the world of good, so if this is spring, roll on November it will probably be warmer LOL. What did amaze me were the amount of people out queuing at the Eastney Health Centre this morning. see photo below.
The Queue outside the local Health centre this Morning
The Morning Coffee
Well it was not a bad nights sleep last night, was listening to the local radio until about 1.30 then went of to sleep and woke about 7.00 am  so not to bad, made a coffee and went back to bed to listen to the radio until 8.45 when I got up and took another coffee into the lounge. I settled with a Banana and a Yoghurt for breakfast and was just about to send Pauline a text when Pauline Phones to say that all is Ok and that she will be booking a taxi for 10.10 to come and collect me for my appointment at Eastney Health Centre
Good morning Debbie

So Not a lot of time before Pauline arrives so need to get a wash and shave, and then get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives and we head of to the appointment with the Local Vampire to give blood for my monthly blood works Whoopee what fun we have. anyway, Pauline arrives about 10.15 and once we have the wheelchair into the taxi we are of to see Debbie. and then once I have given Blood Pauline and I will be taking a short trip to the shops at Milton on the way home as we are going to do the main weekly shop tomorrow at Morrisons.

Once we are out of the Eastney Health Centre we make Our way down to the shops at Milton I walk with the wheelchair for part of the way and then Pauline Pushes me the rest of the way.
On the way to Milton
Well it is a nice trip down through Milton it is not far from where I live and it is also the area that mum was born and raised in before and during world war 1 and up into the 1920,s before they all went to Ireland for 3 years when my Grandfather was posted over there with the Royal Navy.
Milton park
Milton Road School where Mum, Auntie Maud and Uncle Fred went to school
Well that was a nice couple of hours out in the fresh air so we get a little bit of shopping for today and then get back home for a nice hot coffee before In get a Taxi to take Pauline back home. and then go for a lie down before getting todays journal written.

Well it was a worthwhile visit to the Eastney health centre as I also collected my Prescriptions for the 1 mg Prednisolone to be able to taper down from 15 mg alternate days to 10 mg on alternate days, so I can taper by 1 mg per week for 5 weeks which will make it easier and also I got a Prescription for a bottle of Difflam Oral rinse which will help with the soreness of my gums after having the dental extractions last week, I have to rinse every 3 hours and it is really effective so thank you Doctor Procter.

So that is about it for today then Folks, although it was very cold out today and I was dressed up in Scarf, Gloves, Hat, and heavy coat I did enjoy being out of the house for a couple of hours in the fresh air so thank you so much Pauline, I feel so much better, Had a nice text from Leanne earlier and Gervase has just phoned to see how I am and I am looking forward to seeing him and Leanne for an hour or so this evening so all in all a really better day today so looking forward to the main shop down at Morrisons tomorrow.

So as it is now 4.45 I will get this Journal Posted and leave you with Todays "Day In History" for the 26th March 1839 so until tomorrow I will say a chilly Bye Bye.

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