Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Trip to infinity and Beyond AKA Havant

Well here we are with a late Easter Saturday Daily Journal. Sorry it is later today but I have been out visiting family and Friends anyway here I am now so all should be forgiven.

Misty on her Morning walk
After getting up this morning I send a text t Pauline at about 9.30 to let her know that I am up and OK and then get some "Gluten Free" porridge for breakfast, Pauline phones back to say that she is out with Misty on the common and her and Gordon were thinking of coming to pick me up at about 12.00 to go over to havant and see My Sister and her friend chris who are at an art and craft show at St Faith,s church hall and then we could go and visit Pauline,s sister Fran and her family on the way back home, so that sounds like a plan to me.

Must get a move on
So as it is now 9.40 I just have time to get the washing up done and then get the laptop up and running and check out my emails and facebook before having a shave and getting ready for when Pauline and Gordon Get here. Not many emails today and once I have checked out facebook I catch up with "Words with friends and a couple of other facebook games and then get my self ready to go out.

At 11.45 I get a text from Pauline to say they are on there way to collect me so I am all ready so once Pauline and Gordon arrive we have a chat and then into the car and of we go to Havant. Havant is a small town just to the east of Portsmouth so it does not take long to get there from home

On the way to Havant
Havant Town Centre
Once we get to Havant we have to find St Faith,s church hall which is where the art and craft fair is being held, it is in "The Pallant" as far as I can remember.

St Faiths Church Hall

My Sister Eileen and Chris,s stall at the Craft Fair
Here is a stall run by a facebook friend "Gill Lill" also a friend to Eileen and Chris
Another stall by a talented Local Artist
we spent a good 90 minutes at the craft show and then went in to see Pauline,s sister Fran, Fran,s Husband Colin and there son Stewie. we had a coffee and a nice chat for an hour or so and Gordon had to show of his new Hand Knitted Jumper, which was knitted for him by a friend of his from Weymouth called Agnes.

Nice jumper Gordon
once we had had a b=nice chat and a couple of Coffee,s we head back home and Pauline and Gordon drop me off and are then on there way and I make a coffee, get the vegetable prepared for dinner and then settle down to get todays journal written.

well it is now 6.20 and I have just got dinner on cooking so it will be ready by 6.50 so I am going to call it a day for today, sorry the journal is so brief today but it has been a good day today but tiring so I am going to get this posted, have dinner and then settle in front of the TV for the evening so I will say Bye Bye until tomorrow an leave you with Todays "Day in History" for 1856.

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