Thursday, March 28, 2013

Threr a funny yellow disc in the Sky

♬ ♬ ♬ Sunshine came softly through my Window today ♬ ♬ ♬

Good morning Mr Sun
And so the lyrics to Sunshine Superman by Donovan Goes and that is what was happening this morning, I woke to a brilliant morning of rays of sunshine streaming through the widow. after so many days of dreary grey mornings it was a pleasure to see the sunshine and it certainly gives one a lift, "as does my remote controlled profile bed of course."

The Easter Bunny
Anyway it was a good nights sleep last night, I slept through from 12.00 until I woke at about 5.30 this morning and then dozed of again until 7.30 when I got up to make a coffee and then back to bed and listened to the radio until 9.00 before getting dressed and going into the lounge to send the morning text to Pauline. Pauline is up in Salisbury today Helping Gordon as they have 2 days work to get done today as tomorrow is Good Friday, which is the start of the 4 day Easter weekend.

Well after sending the Morning text to Pauline she phones back to say that they had a good drive up to Salisbury and that all is Ok so I then get some toast and Marmalade for breakfast before going round to the Paper shop to get my Morning paper, I did think about Jogging round in my speedo,s in the morning sunshine (LOL)  but decided it would be wiser to walk round in a warm coat and with my Walking cane. as although the sun was shining it was still very cold at 2 Degrees Celsius.

well once I have the paper I get back indoors in the warmth and settle down with the paper and a nice hot coffee, I have the radio on and am listening to the news , and they are reporting on the arrival in Port of HMS Edinburgh the last of the Royal Navy type 42 destroyer which will be de-commissioned after 30 years service.

HMS Edinburgh arriving in Port at 10.30 this Morning
Microwaveable Omelette Maker
It has been a very restful and nice morning and at 12.30 I make myself a cheese omelette for lunch in my (Microwave omelette maker) and then get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight, before going for a lie down at 1.30 for an hour before starting to get todays journal posted.

As i have been browsing through Facebook and also my Sisters Page "Decima Designs" I came across this poster advertising an event that she is involved with, along with other craft and art people for an Auction to raise funds for a Spinal Operation for a young lady from Chichester named Chloe Who has Cerebral Palsy, Chloe is 17 years of age

The reason I have mentioned this is that it made me think back to last week when I felt so down and sorry for myself, Here I am at almost 70 years of age and suffering from a disease that does not compare in any way to what this young Lady has at the young age of 17. it certainly made me think and put what I have to contend with into perspective. So I really hope the Auction raises loads of money towards the operation, and that it is a success, and in future when I feel down in the dumps I will remember that I am one of the lucky ones. I do not normally post links to other websites on my Daily Journal but for this I will make the exception.

On that note I will say bye bye until tomorrow and leave you with todays "Day in History" from 1902

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  1. Hello! I've recently come back to blogging and I'm locating all of the blogs that I used to read, yours included :) Fabulous photo of the ship btw. And at 2 degrees Celsius I think you made the wise choice of leaving the speedo in the dresser drawer, lol! I look forward to reading more of your journey.