Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Another Wednesday

And so another Wednesday creeps up when we are not looking, after such a excellent day yesterday the weather has taken a turn for the worst and today it is Dull and cloudy again anyway here we are with todays day in History, for one of our funniest comedians 'Frankie Howerd" he got close to the mark at times with his jokes but a very talented man

It was a decent nights sleep again last night, went to bed about 10.30 and listened to the quiz on the Local radio and then just dozed on and off before getting of to sleep about 1.00 am after turning off the Radio, slept right the way through until about 7.45 when I got up for the bathroom, and then made a coffee and went back to bed to listen to the local news on Radio Solent until 8.30 when I got up to make another coffee and then into the kitchen to get tonight,s dinner started in the Slow Cooker.

Anyway I get the Chicken, Mushrooms, Onions and Bacon prepared, add a gluten free stock cube and water and put it all in the slow cooker where it will slowly cook all day until this evening, easy and cost effective.
Tonight,s Dinner all ready to start cooking at 9.00 am this morning 

Off to get my Morning Paper
Once that is all done get some chocolate star cereal for breakfast and send the Morning text to Pauline, once I have had my cereal I get dressed and Pauline phones to say that all is Ok with them, She is out with Misty on the common and Gordon is on his way to Salisbury to start his days work, so once I have spoken to Pauline I log on to the laptop and check out my emails and then onto facebook where I catch up on "Words with friends, before going round to the paper shop to get my Morning Paper.

Once I am back with the paper I settle down to read the paper and do the crosswords before going online to do a bit of family history research and also to get a few ideas mapped out for the new website "The Myositis Hub" which I am setting up and which will be on line midway through the year,

Headline graphic for the Myositis hub website
the morning is going along quite well and at 1.00 I stop to get myself a Bacon Sandwich and a yoghurt for lunch before having a coffee and then at 2.00 going for a lie down for 45 minutes, I then get some potato,s peeled and cut and add to the slow cooker as I have decided that I will use a packet of Gluten free Korma curry sauce that I have in the cupboard to make a Korma Curry with the contents of the slow cooker for dinner tonight I will also cook some Brown whole wheat rice to go with it, it will probably make enough for Friday as well.

once I have sorted that out I then make a coffee and go into the lounge and get on the laptop to get todays journal written. I spoke to Pauline earlier on to let her know how I was doing today, the legs are a bit achey after the walking yesterday but not to bad and the resting today is doing them good, It is always the same when I am out on the days that I do not take the Prednisolone as I only take 15 mg on alternative days. anyway we have decided that tomorrow we will have a change and go down to "Gunwharf" rather than the city centre and if the weather is not to bad we may take the ferry and pop over the harbour to Gosport, as it is over 2 years since I was over there,
The Portsmouth to Gosport Ferry looking to Gosport from Portsmouth (Stock Photo)
The Ferry route from Portsmouth to Gosport 10 minute crossing
So there we are then that is my exciting Wednesday journal written as you can see I lead an exciting life, so as it is now just turned 4.00 pm I will get this journal posted and although my legs are achey today I Know that by walking and pushing my wheelchair yesterday I accomplished something so remember........

so until tomorrow I will say..................

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  1. I've got good memories of going on the Gosport - Portsmouth ferry when I was about 9 or 10 years old
    it seemed quite exciting back then. Also going over to the IOW where I bought the first Eagle comic. Happy Days