Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another Damp shopping Thursday.

So here we are on another Damp and dreary day here on the south coast of the UK.
Its not like this today folks
It looks like winter is making a return to the UK this weekend so get the Scarves and Gloves back out and to top it all I think I have picked up an ear infection, and also a sore throat, Oh well life goes on , but it is never easy. well anyway here is the weather forecast for the weekend,
The weather forecast up to Monday for Portsmouth
Do I have to get up
Well at least I had a decent sleep last night turned off the radio about 11.30 and slept through until 6.30 this morning, Got up for the bathroom and then back to bed and dozed until about 8.30 when I made a coffee and took back to bed to listen to the radio until getting up and into the lounge at 9.15. I send the morning text to Pauline and she phones back to say it is really cold out on the common this morning and that she will book a taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me for shopping down the city centre.

Wait For me 
Once we are finished chatting I get some Chocolate stars for breakfast and then check out emails and facebook before getting a shave and getting dressed at 10.30 ready for when Pauline gets here.  I seem to have got a slight ear infection and also a sore throat today so will have to keep an eye on that, it could be that it is to much gargling with salt water the last couple of days after having the 3 extractions at the Dentist on Monday. anyway true to form Pauline arrives with the Taxi  at 11.10 so off we go to the city centre.

Pauline has to post a couple of letters first so we get the taxi to drop us off at the main post office at slindon street so that Pauline can post her letters and then we go into Wilkinsons to get some dog treats for Misty before heading over to the shopping arcade to get a couple of coffee,s from Boswells coffee shop .

Main Post office, Portsmouth
Boswells in the Cascades, Portsmouth
once we have had our coffee we make our way over to Morrisons at the Victory retail Park to get the shopping. It is very cold and damp out today so I am wrapped up warm with my hat, I push the wheelchair as far as Sainsburys and then Pauline pushes me the rest of the way.
Morrisons Victory Retail Park, Portsmouth
Give me your Money
Well we get the shopping trolley onto the front of the wheelchair and make our way round the store getting our shopping, once we have got what we needed we make our way to the checkout to pay for it before putting the shopping and the trolley into the lockup booth at the cafe area and go and get a coffee and a cake each, Well the trouble is the cakes are looking so nice that Pauline has a lemon and cream Muffin and I have a slice of walnut cake, It is not Gluten free but it is only a one time treat !!!!.

Cake For Lunch
Pauline enjoyed her Cake 
Well that was excellent, once we have finished, we get the Taxi back home and then once the shopping is put away, we have a coffee and a chat and then I get the taxi to take Pauline back home. Once pauline has left I go for a lie down for 30 minutes before making a coffee and preparing the Vegetable for tonight,s dinner and then settling down to get todays Journal written. Tonight it will be sea bass with Potato and Cauliflower and  a cheese Sauce.
Well It is now 5 40 so time to get this journal posted so I will leave you with the other 3 Days in History for Tuesday, Wednesday and Today so they are now up to date, so until tomorrow and the dreaded Methotrexate I will say Adios.

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