Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Day dawns and the seagulls are coming inland.

Is it Bedtime again yet
And here we are with another Thursday and I am feeling very lethargic today. no energy whatsoever which is not surprising as I started my tapering of the Prednisolone yesterday so I should think that this will be the new normal for me for the next couple of weeks until the body gets used to the lower dose s the question is Did I really have 8 hours sleep last night.

Who you calling "Aged"
However at least the sun is shining today so drag myself out of bed at 8.45 and make a coffee and then into the lounge to listen to the local radio and to check out my emails and also facebook, although as it works out I do not log on to the laptop until about 11.00 as I got carried away listening to the radio discussing the failure of local councils to provide for an aging population.

Get the Daily paper
anyway after I have had my coffee I text Pauline who phones back almost before I have sent the text to say that they had a good drive up to Salisbury this morning and have a busy day ahead. Once I have spoken to Pauline I go and make another coffee and get a couple of slices of Toast and Marmalade for breakfast before getting dressed and going round to the shop to get the daily paper.

My Active Brain
Once I got back home I settle down in the chair with a nice cup of Rosey Lee (Tea) and read the paper, although I do not know why I bother to read it as the news is so negative, but at least doing the crosswords and Sudoku keeps the old brain cells active, (My brain is a lot more active than my body is) anyway once I have done those I now get on the laptop and catch up on emails and Facebook. it is soon getting near to 1.00 so I go and get some chicken soup with a couple of crisp bread for lunch and then at 1.45 I go for a catnap for an hour.

To windy by the seaside today
At 2.45 I get up and goo into the kitchen and get the Vegetable prepared ready for dinner tonight, I am having Salmon with Potato and Cauliflower cheese tonight so that will be easy and quick to do, and then I will be seeing Gervase and Leanne this evening so am looking forward to that, well It is now 3.50 and the sun seems to be disappearing behind the clouds and the Seagulls are heading inland so that is a sign  that we may be in for some bad weather later on this evening.

And now it is time for todays rant I am sick and tired of all the leaflets and takeaway menu,s that are being pushed through my letterbox these days, Today I have had leaflets from 2 x Pizza company,s, 1 chinese take away, 3 indian takeaway,s 1 Polish Takeaway, 4 Kebab Takeaways, also a leaflet from a double glazing company, 2 leaflets from plumbers and the best one was from a driveway resurfacing company ( I live in the centre of a city with roads that are terraced house with small forecourts)
Not a lot of call for driveway resurfacing here 
It really does make you wonder about the intelligence of some people these days, anyway that is about it for today, time for another lie down before dinner I think, roll on tomorrow when it will be time for the Methotrexate and Prednisolone, that should be an interesting day, so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye.
Sorry it is such a short journal today, but there was no shopping with Pauline today as Pauline and Gordon were up in Salisbury doing tomorrows work as Pauline has her appointment with the surgeon at the Thyroid clinic tomorrow.

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  1. Missed Friday's journal, Frank! Hope you are OK!