Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And another Cold day but some sunshine.

And a very good day to you all, well here we are on Tuesday after surviving a very bitter day yesterday, I am glad that I do not live further east into sussex and Kent as they had a really bad time of Snow, Ice and Heavy wind,s yesterday leading into thousands of people stuck out overnight in there cars, as roads got blocked and impassable, I was listening to the reports on local radio last night until 1.00 am this morning.
The Road North of Brighton this Morning
 Once I got off to sleep last night I slept pretty well until I was woken by the high winds this morning about 7.30. Got up and made a coffee ant took back to bed before getting up at 8.30 to get some breakfast. Gervase text at 7.30 to say he was still at home as his train had been cancelled but he will be catching the next train to Haywards Heath, and will see how he gets on and will keep me informed on his progress..
Not a good day to travel to work for Gervase, this is the railway track at Shoreham
once up I text Pauline and let her know that all is OK, Pauline phones back to say that she will book a taxi for 9.55 to collect me for my appointment with my GP at 10.15 and then after that we can get a taxi from the Eastney Health Centre straight down to Morrisons to get the shopping as it is to cold to be walking around down town. anyway I get myself ready for when Pauline arrives at 10.00 and then we are of down to see Dr Tyrell at the Eastney Health Centre.

I had a good appointment with Dr Tyrell and went through the appointment with Dr Gibb yesterday at the Hospital, I got a prescription for some ointment for a slight rash and also checked about getting some 1 mg Prednisolone if I need it to taper down at a slower rate and then phoned for a taxi to take us to Morrisons.
Eastney Health Centre.
A View from the Wheelchair
It is not long before the Taxi arrives and then we are off down to Morrisons to do a bigger shop today, as we will not be going shopping on thursday as Pauline will be up in Salisbury with Gordon on Thursday as they will not be working on Friday as Pauline has her appointment at the Thyroid Clinic on Thursday morning. anyway we get to Morrisons and start to make our way round  getting the shopping, Halfway round Gordon arrives so we get the shopping completed and then once we have payed for it Gordon goes and put it in the car and as it is now 12.00 we go into the cafe area and get some Lunch and coffee.

Pauline had a Ham and Cheese Panini, Gordon had double egg on Toast and I had double egg and chips and we all had coffee,s it was very enjoyable.
Enjoy your lunch 
Gordon Enjoying his egg on Toast
And I enjoyed my egg and chips, 
Good old Southwest Trains.
Once we had finished Lunch Gordon brought us back home and then we had a coffee and put the shopping away, before Gordon and Pauline headed home and I went for a lie down for an hour until 3.00. At 3.10 I have a text from Gervase to say he got to work about 10.45 this morning and was on his way back home now, It is hectic trying to get home as the Railway company is short of staff, as people cannot get into work????

well there we are then that is about as exciting as it gets today, it is now 4.40 pm and Gervase has just phoned to say that he is at Littlehampton and is waiting for his next train. apparently this will be the 4th train he will have to catch as it is total chaos with so many trains being cancelled due to staff shortages. anyway we have cancelled me going down to Gervase tonight as he does not know what time he will get home. so that is probably a wise move, just hope he is not t late getting home, apparently only 3 people made it into the office at Haywards heath today.
They were having fun in Haywards heath today, should of taken your sleigh
with you Gervase, you could have joined in 
well there we are then I will leave you with some Photo,s of the snow in Sussex today. and will say tatty bye until tomorrow.
Burgess Hill

Abandoned Police Car ???

Slow moving traffic
Hopefully tomorrow will be a quieter day for all here in the south of England.

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