Sunday, March 31, 2013

A bright Sunny Easter Sunday

Well here we are again and another Easter Sunday is here with Easter Bunnies and Easter eggs running and bouncing all over the place so

So Here we are then at the start of BST (British Summer Time) The clocks went forward 1 hour at 1.00 am this morning so we have lost an hours sleep this morning. Still the good thing is we are now officially heading in the direction of Summer

Hope you all remembered
The Morning coffee
well all in all I had a decent nights sleep last night and woke about 9.00 so that was Ok made a coffee and lay in bed listening to the radio until 9.30 when I went into the lounge with another coffee to send the morning text to pauline and then had some Porridge with Honey and a banana for breakfast. I really enjoyed that but my right leg and hip is giving me gip today so probably to much standing around on it at the craft fair yesterday .

The Sun is shining Brightly,
The weather still is cold,
They say that summers coming
I must be getting old.

The bones they are a creaking
The bladders getting weak,
Its time for my Prednisolone
Its the start of another week.

Round to get the Paper
Yes A new week begins, at least I am feeling so much better now than I did the last couple of weeks, My sore gums have settled down and I am now ready to start the slower tapering of the Prednisolone, anyway i have had breakfast and Gervase phoned to say that he will be round later on this afternoon to see me so I will look forward to that, we will not be going out shopping today as the large stores are all closed on Easter Sunday. anyway once I have spoken to Gervase I  decide to take a walk round to the tesco express to get the morning paper.

I walk round to the paper shop,
For a paper and some milk,
And halfway there, I stop to sneeze,
In my Hanky made of silk.

I then find I have a feeling
like ink leaking from a pen,
and suddenly I realize.
I forgot to wear my "Tenna for Men"

Pauline is on the Phone
once I have the Paper and the milk, I make my way back home and make a nice coffee before settling down to check out facebook and also my emails on the laptop, before starting to tread the paper and get the crosswords done, The news this morning is all about the welfare benefit changes that come into effect tomorrow, as I am reading this the Phone rings and it is Pauline. She and Gordon have only just got up and it is 11.45, That is what happens when the clocks go forward an hour you tend to get up later the next

Its time to get some luncheon,
What will I have today,
I think that I will have some soup,
that I made up yesterday,

I go and get it ready,
But I really am a Dork.
Cause it all dripped down my Jumper,
I tried to eat it with a fork.

Soup for lunch
after I have spoken to Pauline I go and get some soup that was left over from Friday to have for my lunch, I have the soup with a couple of buttered crisp bread, and then I settle down again listening and watching some Bob Dylan videos via youtube on the Smart TV. While I am watching those gervase arrives, he has got me a couple of Yoghurts and also a lamb steak for tomorrows dinner. While gervase is her gordon Phones to see how I am, he has just come back from taking Misty out for her morning walk and like the rest of us he is an hour behind with everything today.

well Gervase stays for an hour and is then on his way back home to leanne, as they are going out to a friends birthday party tonight, once gervase has gone I go and get the washing up done from lunch and then get the potato and Cauliflower prepared ready for tonight,s dinner and then settle down to get todays journal written, well it has been a good day today, my hip and leg are still a  bit achey but that will pass , so I will look forward to dinner tonight at 6.00 and an evening of TV and Facebook games, it is now 5.00 pm and a triple bill of Wallace and Gromit has just started with "A Grand day out" followed by " The wrong Trousers" and then " A close shave"

A grand day out
The wrong Trousers
A Close Shave
so until tomorrow I will say Goodbye  and leave you with todays "Day in History" for the 31st March 1855

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