Sunday, March 3, 2013

Today is Download Sunday

Good day one and all, another restless night again with very red and tingly toes.Kept me awake until about 2.00 am when I eventually fell asleep until 7.30 this morning, and then lazed in bed listening to the local radio until 9.45 when I eventually got up to get some breakfast of Chocolate Stars, and take into the lounge while I watched the "Big Question" Politics show on BBC 1.

Time for a shower.
Once I had finished breakfast I had a shave and a shower, That was fun, took my Phone into the bathroom just in case I had a problem, but apart from a little difficulty getting in and out of the bath (It is an over bath shower) it went quite well, then got dressed and went to watch a few episodes of an old sitcom from the 1970,s " the Good life" starring felicity kendal and the late Richard Briars.
The Good Life with Richard Briars and Felicity Kendal
I speak to Pauline on the telephone and she is feeling better today, and Gordon is Ok so once I am off the phone I get out the Medtronics carelink Machine to connect to the phone line and send the 3 monthly data from my Implanted Medtronics reveal heart monitor to the Cardio Department of the Queen Alexander Hospital at Cosham.
Medtronics reveal implanted heart monitor
my medtronics Reveal Heart monitor download machine

Diprobase Ointment
once that has been done I phone Gervase and he will be round later on to take me shopping, I have not got a lot to get so will probably just go to Asda, anyway I Toast a couple of crumpets and butter them for lunch and make a coffee and then settle back down to soak my feet in a nice bowl of warm water for 20 minutes before putting on some diprobase moisture cream. once I have done that I settle back down to watch some more of the Good life while waiting for Gervase, he will be here about 2.00 pm as he and Leanne were out late last night at a friends 30th Birthday Party.

Gervase arrives just after 2.00 so after a quick chat we get in the car and head just down the road to Asda at Fratton, We have not got that much to get today so it does not take us long to get what I want and gervase gets his bits and Pieces and then we go to the checkout and after a bit of a wait, we pay for it and then we are off home via the sea front, it was very busy at Asda today, anyway it is a nice day for a drive via the common and sea front as it is blue sky and sunshine although it is still very cold.
Just leaving Asda
Clarence Pier Car Park by the sea front
Driving Past the Royal Naval War Memorial on Southsea Common.
Devonshire Avenue Baptist Church
once we are home we unload the shopping and I get it put away, Me and Gervase have a chat and then Gervase is on his way home to leanne, and I get the vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner and then make a coffee and settle down to finish off todays journal, it has certainly been a better day weather wise than yesterday, however it is now 5.00 pm so I will get this journal Posted for today and then think about getting dinner ready for 6.00 pm Tonight, tonight I am having a  Sea Bream fillet baked in butter, with buttered potato and cauliflower with a cheese sauce. so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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  1. Good old Diprobase i've been using it twice a day for over 12 months it help to keep me sane.


    PS I hope you find a decent carer.