Saturday, March 9, 2013

Miracles Do Happen.

So here we are on Saturday the 9th of March and it is 54 years since "Mattel" introduced "The Barbie Doll" to the world at the International Toy Fair in New York.

That Yucky Methotrexate Feeling 
Last night was another good nights sleep although  did wake during the night to use the Bathroom, I actually slept through until 8.30 before making a coffee and lazing in bed until 9.30 when I eventually got dressed and went into the lounge to text Pauline and let her know that I was up and about and then got some cereal for breakfast, The Methotrexate is having a party with my body today so will not be up to much today.

well I have breakfast and Pauline phones to say her and Gordon are Ok and to take it easy today, which I will do, I will just walk round and get my Paper but apart from that, today will be a "No Go Day" for me I am afraid, so apart from listening to the radio and playing around on the computer I will not be doing anything else so it will be a very short and uninteresting journal today.

Well it is a lot better weather wise today and at the moment the sun is shining so it is a pleasant walk round to the News Agents, but I am soon back home again and get a nice coffee, I have turned the heating off at the moment and have the window open to let in some nice fresh air so that is nice apart from the noise of the traffic as with Football at Fratton Park today there is a lot more traffic around looking for parking spaces , which is not easy in these residential streets.

Reading The Daily Paper
I have spent most of the morning reading the paper and doing the crosswords so as it is 1.00 I will have a couple of slices of toast and a Banana for lunch and then at 1.30 I go for a lie down for an hour before going back in the lounge at 2.30 with a coffee and get ready to listen to the Soccer on the radio, and while I am doing that I design a picture to remember Mum on Mothering Sunday Tomorrow.

Mothering Sunday on Sunday 10th March 2013
I cant believe that it is almost 8 years since we lost mum at the age of 92. This year would have been her 100th Birthday.

Miracles Do Happen

While I was getting the above Picture done I was Listening to the Soccer on the Radio, Portsmouth are playing at Home at Fratton Park today against Bury, and wonders of Wonders we "''''''''WON"'''''''''. that is two wins in a row and we are off the bottom of the league table. Whooo Hooo Play up Pompey.
Pompey win 2-0 at Fratton park today
(Photo Copyright the Portsmouth News.)
 well as I said earlier this is a very short Journal today as the Methotrexate is taking its toll on me this week, so I will need to get this Journal Posted and then get Dinner sorted as it is now 5.45 so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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