Monday, March 4, 2013

A far better day today

And welcome to Monday the 4th March and what a very pleasant day it is today, The sun is shining and the sky is blue and the temperature is starting to rise towards 7 degrees Celsius, nearly time for t-shirts and shorts even the animals were out enjoying the sunshine and fresh air in the back yard this morning.

Out enjoying the Sunshine and blue skies.
I had a decent nights sleep last night and although I woke at 4.00 this morning to use the bathroom I soon dropped back off to sleep until 7.30 when I made a coffee and listened to the radio until 8.15 when I got up and took a coffee into the lounge to watch the Breakfast news and weather on the TV.

The forecast for today and tomorrow is good but then it is back to rain on Wednesday to Saturday.
Todays weather for the UK
Adult Social care
Case worker
 However I send a text to pauline about 8.30 as I know she is going to her hairdresser,s this morning about 9.00 to 9.30. Pauline phones back to say that Gordon will be round about 10.00 to do the weekly clean so that is Ok anyway I get some cereal for breakfast and then I phone Portsmouth Adult social care and speak to my case worker about the failings of the care company over the last couple of weeks, she said that she will phone the care company and phone me back this afternoon, I will give her until 3.00 pm and If I do not hear from her by then I will phone the care company myself and cancel the care from them.

Well Gordon arrives just after 10.00 and I make a coffee and we have a chat before he starts the weekly flat clean, while Gordon gets on with the cleaning I get some shoes on and take a walk round to the Tesco Express to get the morning paper.

It is really nice out today although it is a bit on the chilly side at least it is starting to look like spring with the flowers starting to come out on the shrubs
On the way to get the paper

The shrubs are starting to flower 1
The shrubs are starting to flower 2
Once back home I settle down to read the paper until 11.00 when Me and Gordon have another coffee. after that Gordon gets the kitchen and bathroom floors washed, and Pauline arrives on her way back from the hairdresser,s her hair looks nice, Pauline has a coffee and once Gordon has completed the cleaning we have our Monday weigh in. I am at the same weight o f 12 stone 4 pounds and gordon has put on a little bit since last time and is weighing in at 11 stone 12 pounds  so it looks like I am still the "Jelly Belly"

well once Gordon and Pauline have gone I make another coffee and settle down to finish the paper and do the crossword,s and then at 1.00 pm I go and make a "Small" Toasted bacon sandwich to have with a Banana for lunch, That went down very well and then at 2.00 it is time for a lie down for 30 minutes and have a short catnap.

well I am up at 2.30 and feeling refreshed, anyway I get the washing up done from lunch and then  go back in to the lounge to get todays journal started. It is now 3.00 pm and I have not heard back from my Adult care case worker so I phone the care company to cancel my care package and to serve notice of an official complaint, I have only been off the phone a matter of minutes and I get a call from my case worker at the Adult Care office, "Coincidence or what" anyway the outcome is that she has spoken to them and they said it is unfortunate that my regular carer is on long term sick (Probably means that carol has got fed up with them) anyway I have said that I have cancelled my care package with the care company, they told adult social care that I have only had 2 different carers in fact on my log in sheets I have had 9 different carers in the last 11, days, anyhow I will make my own arrangements and the case worker is going to send me a list of other care agency,s in this area so I may go back to the original one that I had before the council spending cuts took affect at the beginning of last year.

Well there we are then, a good day overall and as it is now 3.40 I will get this journal posted early today for a change. and look forward to tomorrow as it is forecast to be a nice day for going out shopping with Pauline.

A Day out Shopping with Pauline Oh what fun.
Well I am now going to get this Journal Posted now so until tomorrow I will say ........

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