Saturday, March 23, 2013

A bit of a Yo Yo Posting at the Moment.

One Day Here Next Day Missing.

Not the best of Times
But at least it keeps you on your toes. Anyway the reason for the lack of postings is that I  am not feeling 100% at the Moment, I just think that the events over the last couple of weeks are catching up with me. After my Neurologist appointment on Monday 11th it was decided to reduce my Prednisolone from 15 mg on alternate days to 10 mg on alternate days so that started on Wednesday the 13th. On the Friday I lost my Broadband and Land phone line, which caused me stress, and also Pauline had her Hospital appointment with the thyroid clinic, Next I had 3 extractions at the dentist on Monday the 18th and I seem to have picked up an ear infection and also my mouth is very sore so difficulty eating and on Friday it was Methotrexate day, so really am not feeling that great.

Off to see the Doctor
So Anyway I will be Phoning my GP  and getting an appointment to have a chat with him on Monday, and he will give me a prescription for some 1 mg Prednisolone so that I can taper down at a slower rate, in the meantime I will up my Prednisolone back up to 10 mg a day while I get over this yucky Period I am in, I know that my Neurologist will be OK with this as we have talked about it before. so that is why I will only be writing short Journals every day over the next week or two. 
Giving Blood Work
It will also be interesting what my Blood Works will show next week as I have an appointment on Tuesday with Debbie  to give my Monthly Blood.

well it is another day of rest for me today, no energy whatever so it is a day of watching TV and feeling sorry for myself, still hopefully it will start to sort itself out next week and we can get back to normal (Whatever Normal is these days), anyway the up side to being stuck indoors is that the weather outside is not good so I am probably in the best place 
Todays weather Dismal and Cold
so that is about it for today, time for a lie down, at least the Lamb Casserole is cooking away merrily in the slow cooker so that is Today,s and Tomorrows dinners taken care of, so I will add yesterday and Todays "Days in History" and will say tatty bye until Tomorrow.


  1. Hope you feel better soon I know how you feel when you get bad day,I'm sure the weather does'nt help.I missed yesterdays journal & wondered if you were having a bad day.

    Regards Mike

  2. Hi Mike, yes it has been a few days of Tapering Prednisolone, 3 Teeth Extracted, Methotrexate on Friday 5 days with no Phone or broadband, it all caught up on me. Phoned and spoke to carolyn on Wednesday. Take care. hope all is ok with you.