Sunday, March 24, 2013

A kind of Escapism Sunday

So where does the blog title come from today, well today is the day in 1874 the Harry Houdini the great escape artist was born, also I am watching the TV Program " Escape to the country " on TV, and I am also escaping from this sore mouth and crappy feeling by going for a lie down, although I will say that I feel a bit better today than I did on Friday and Saturday, so hopefully the effects of the last two weeks are starting to ease.

Escape to the Country TV Program
Cheer up you miserable
old Man Frankie
It was a decent nights sleep last night, I got off to sleep about 11.30 and woke about 4.30 to use the Bathroom and also to take a couple of Paracetamol as I had this annoying ear ache, anyway got back off  to sleep and woke again about 7.45, Made a coffee and took back to bed where I lay listening to the radio and feeling totally "Sorry for Myself" until 9.45 when I decided that I needed to take control of myself and get my butt out of bed.

Well once out of bed it was get dressed, make a coffee and then into the lounge where I put on the Politic shows on the TV and send a text to Pauline.  Pauline phones back to say that she is Ok and Gordon was still in bed, He slept better last night and was not coughing and as congested as he has been so hopefully his cold is starting to ease off a bit.  Pauline was out on the common with Misty and it was cold and Windy and the common was still covered in Puddles.
Misty on Southsea Common yesterday ( Photo by Pauline)

In the Doldrums
anyway once we have finished talking on the phone, I go and get some Porridge with Manuka Honey for breakfast and then settle down with the laptop to catch up on the emails and facebook and also to catch up on my facebook games, I certainly do feel that I need to stop feeling so down about this stupid disease, mind you the messages of Support from the people in the Facebook Myositis Groups and also from friends and family really has helped to drag me out of my doldrums. so thank you friends

well once I have finished on the computer I go and get the slow cooker switched on, last night I had a lamb casserole which was very nice, there was enough Vegetable and stock left for me to add a chicken breast quarter to it today so tonight it will be a chicken casserole, again very tasty and easy to eat after having the three extractions at the dentist last monday, all three were from the centre of the top row of teeth and the gums are still tender to bite on  so it is easy to mash the casserole down to make it easier to eat.

Tonight,s Dinner
Whoo Hoo Shopping
Well time is getting on and it is 12.40 and Gervase phones to say he will be down between 1.30 and 2.00 so he will take me out to the shop and that will get me some fresh air and we can have  a drive along the seafront afterwards so I will look forward to that as I have been stuck indoors since Thursday so it will be nice to get out into the cold, damp air LOL. Anyway time then to get a shave and get changed ready for when Gervase gets here, and then we can go and get the few bits of shopping that I need for tomorrow.

Gervase arrives at about 2.15 and we decide that we will just take a short trip to the Asda store at Fratton today and then we can have a drive back along the sea front, so off we go and park in the Bottom level of the car park which means we are under cover from any rain storms and is a short walk with the trolley to the store.
The Asda Car Park
 It is not that busy here today which is good as it will be easier to get round, Gervase needs to get some new bedding as they have a couple of Guest,s coming to stay next week for the Easter weekend. I have not got to get to much shopping so we are not in the store for long and then we are back out and gervase loads up the shopping and then we head home along the sea front, There is not a lot of people about as it is a very cold and grey day, but it is nice just to get out of the flat for some fresh air for a short while.
Gervase loading up the car
A dull and dreary day along an empty sea front today
  anyway once we are back home we get the shopping put away and I make a coffee and then we sit and have a chat until Gervase needs to make a move and go and pick up Leanne from her Mums and I settle down to watch a movie "Are you being served" a movie made in 1977 Based on the TV sitcom of the same name starring Wendy Richard,s, Mollie Sugden, John Inman, Trevor Bannister and Frank Thornton.

Are you being served movie
well, that was a better day today, still feeling under the weather but am making progress, and I think the fresh air made a big difference. anyway I am not going to push my luck so as it is now 4.45 I will get this journal posted and then go for a lie down for an hour before i get tonight,s dinner served up. I do think that using the slow cooker is a really great idea at the moment, so will have a lovely chicken casserole  ready for 6.30. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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