Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well what do you know Back on line after 5 days.

Whoooo Hoooo

Well folks all I can say is " that due to circumstances beyond your Control ". I am back with my daily journal. on a more serious side I would like to extend my thanks to all of you who were concerned about my disappearance from face book and posted there concerns and messages on Facebook, and if I have not replied I do apologise. The situation was beyond my control as I lost my broadband and Landline Telephone service about 9.00 am on Friday Morning and It was not reconnected until about 9.30 last night. It seems that there were a large number of people who were affected in Portsmouth as the result of some person or persons deciding to damage one of the BT hubs and steal the cables for the scrap value, such is the world we live in.

Go Pauline Go
so let us have a quick recap of what you have all missed. Friday as you know is Methotrexate day for me so that was no different to any other Friday really, The only thing different was that Pauline had her appointment with her Doctor at the Thyroid clinic at the QA Hospital The outcome is that they have upped her medication to bring her levels down and in 6 weeks she will have another blood test and as long as her levels are Ok they will carry out the op to remove the nodule from the thyroid, the good news is that it is benign, Pauline will be in the hospital for 48 hours and then dispatched back home.

"Peace" Man
Saturday was really a non event as I spent most of the day recovering from the Methotrexate and the tapering of the Prednisolone, at least it will start to improve by tomorrow (Sunday), and also suffering from Facebook withdrawal symptom,s it is surprising how we all seem to miss technology when it goes wrong, How I ever survived the 1950,s 60,s with black and white 2 channel TV, and Snail Mail I will never know.

Well Sunday came and went, at least I felt a lot better than I did on Saturday, Gervase came and took me shopping in the afternoon and after we had done the shopping at Asda at Fratton we took a drive along the sea front before heading back home. That was a nice trip out although the weather was not that good as there were a few Rain showers about but at least it kept the traffic off the road

Asda at Fratton

Storm clouds forming as the Ferry from France enters Portsmouth Harbour.
My Happy Dentist
And so we get to Monday, still no Phone or Broadband, it is a good job that I do not need the phone to send the info from my reveal heart monitor to the QA Hospital, anyway I am up early today as I have an appointment at the Dentist at 9.00 am, Gordon and Pauline will collect me at about 8.45 to take me to the Dentist, Pauline will stay with me and Gordon will go and get my flat cleaned while I am at the Dentist and when we are finished, Me and Pauline will get A taxi back home, we are at the Dentist by 9.00 and I am called in about 9.05. I have to have 3 root extractions today where my teeth have broken and decayed.

A Nice afternoon sleep
Thank you Prednisolone anyway he gives me the injections and once everything is numb including my top lip and Nostril as it is three upper teeth that have to be extracted, he gets then Pulled, that was not so bad it was all over in 15 minutes and by 9.30 I am back outside with Pauline waiting for a taxi. well that is the worst bit over, I go back in about 4 to 5 weeks to have 3 fillings and then it will be a few visits to have a couple of plates made so hopefully all the work will be done by October at least it is all done on the NHS, so no large bills to pay. once back home Gordon and Pauline make there way home as they have a funeral to go to in the afternoon, and I go back to bed to rest until the feeling is back in my mouth and then it will be soup for the rest of the day, and just resting

well here we are now into Tuesday, I phoned Sky today and was told that they hope to have us all reconnected by Tomorrow (Wednesday) it is not just Sky customers that have been affected is is all those who were connected through the damaged hub/cables including BT, Sky, Talk Talk, Etc.

My Brother pat also came in to see me this morning to discuss the headstone we are going to get put onto mum and dads grave on the 2nd May which would be Mum,s 100th Birthday, The whole family are involved with this decision so we are pleased that we are able to do this to celebrate and remember there live,s also we are going to see if we can get my Grandparents grave tidied up and revamped as well. Here is the Proof from the Stone Mason.

Anyway it is shopping day down commercial road today with Pauline. I am feeling more like my old self today apart from the fact that my mouth is still a bit tender so still need soft food for a day or so yet, anyway Pauline will collect me at 11.30 and at least the weather is quite pleasant today, we need to go to the Civic offices first to pay my last care bill for February and then into commercial road to get a coffee and go into the Nationwide and then  make our way to Sainsburys to get the shopping, not a lot to get today thank goodness. 

Civic offices, Guildhall Walk

Jubilee Fountain, Commercial Road Precinct

Commercial Road precinct

Commercial Road precinct
Sainsburys Portsmouth
Once we have all the shopping we get a taxi back home and once indoors we have a coffee, and then Pauline makes her way home and I go for a lie down until 3.00. I get myself some dinner at 5.30 and have a cod fillet with Potato and a parsley sauce, that is easy and soft to eat and I enjoyed that, and at 7.30 I get a Taxi and go to spend a couple of Hours down with Gervase and Leanne, and Leanne,s dad is there as well so we have a nice evening and Dave (Leanne,s Dad) give me a lift home about 9.20. Once indoors I make a coffee and then get a message from Jack who lives opposite that the Phone service is back on.
No Energy

Whoo Hoo I also have my Broadband back so I phone chris next door to let him know, anyway it is getting late so have a nice hot chocolate and than go to bed at 11.30 to listen to the Radio for an hour before dropping of to sleep, I sure hope my body adapts to  the tapering of the Prednisolone soon otherwise I will spend more time resting and sleeping than I will being awake, so I will give it another week and then if necessary I will go back up one step and then taper at a slower rate of maybe by 1 mg per week for 5 weeks.

We are now up to date

Out walking Misty LOL
And so we are now back on track it is Wednesday, I had a decent nights sleep last night and woke about 7.30 but lazed in bed with a coffee until 9.15 when I got up and took a coffee into the lounge to send the text to Pauline and let her know that all is Ok and to ask how she and gordon are. Pauline phones back to say that she is out on the seafront with Misty.

Once I have finished talking with Pauline I get myself some Porridge for Breakfast and then take a nice leisurely walk round to the paper shop to get my Paper and then head back home where I make a coffee and settle down to read the Paper, I then log onto the laptop and catch up on 5 days of missed facebook games, Oh the excitement of such an active life, anyway at 12.00 I put on the Radio and listen to our chancellor "George Osborne" as it is the 2013 Budget day today and as expected it is the elderly, Disabled, Ill and poor who come of worse and the rich get richer, Oh well that was about what I expected so not really sure why I still bother to listen to it every year, probably force of habit I think.

Well that was a waste of Time, so off for a lie down before I start to catch up with the daily journal, at 2.00 I get some scrambled egg on a slice of toast for lunch and also a yoghurt, before getting the daily journal started, It is a case of just briefly catching up on the missing 5 days. I stop for a coffee and to get the vegetable prepared for dinner tonight, it will be sea bream fillet tonight with Potato and a cauliflower cheese, once I have done that I check the post that has just been delivered, there are two letters today, on is from the Myositis Support group with the forms for the 25th Gala dinner and Conference at Oxford in July, so will get those filled i and sent back this weekend and the second letter was from the Department of works and pensions to inform me that my state pension has increased from £108.67 to £111.00 per week from April !!!!! Wow !!!!

So there we are then folks, you can see how exciting my last 6 days have been, it is now 4.15 so I will get this journal posted, and then I will be ready to watch Pointless at 5.15 after I have washed  the lunchtime dishes, So Until tomorrow I will say tatty bye and leave you with the days in history illustrations for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I will catch up with Yesterdays and todays Tomorrow (Maybe)


  1. I reckon that it was Pompey football club that had the cable away to help pay their tax bill.


  2. I think you could possibly be right there Mike. Good Thinking.