Sunday, March 10, 2013

A day of Visiting

Todays Day in History

So sorry the Daily Journal is late today but have been out Galavanting since 12.45 so had a great day visiting Pauline and Gordon and then down to My Son Gervase for a lovely Sunday roast with Gervase, Leanne, and Leanne,s Mum Elaine and Leanne,s Dad Dave.

The day started really well and got better as it Progressed, It was a good nights sleep last night, went to bed at 11.00 and laid listening to the radio until 1.00 am when I turned off the radio and then went straight of to sleep and woke at 8.30 this morning, so got a coffee and took back to bed and listened to the radio until getting up and going into the lounge at 9.45

Toast for Breakfast
once in the lounge I text pauline and let her know all is Ok and then I get some toast and Marmalade along with a bowl of cereal and a coffee for breakfast, that went down a treat and then Pauline phones to say that all is OK with them and I say that I will pop in to see her and Gordon when I go down to see Gervase today and that I will be with them about 12.45 as Pauline and Gordon lives at one end of the road and Gervase and Leanne live at the other end of the road.

once I have spoken to Pauline I log on to the laptop and check out emails and facebook before having a wash and shave and getting dressed to go out to Gervase,s  By the time I am ready it is just turned 12.30 so I phone for a Taxi to take me Down to Pauline,s

The Eend of the road where Pauline and Gordon Live
 I get to Pauline and Gordon,s about 12.45 and go in and have a coffee and a chat with them, When I arrive Pauline is waiting outside for me with "Misty" who comes over and wants me to fuss her, she is such a friendly dog and
This is Misty.
it is nice to see Pauline and Gordon and I stay until just after 1.30, they show me the decorating that they have done and they have really done it well Even Charlie Pauline and Gordon,s cat likes the computer desk.
Meet Charlie the computer literate Cat
Once I leave Pauline and Gordon I walk to the other end of the Road to visit Gervase and Leanne.
The End of the road where Gervase and Leanne Live

Who ate all my Sunday Roast
 As It is mothering Sunday they are cooking a Sunday roast for Leanne,s mum "Elaine" and Me and Leanne,s dad "Dave" have also been invited. It is a super roast dinner and we also have a really nice chat and after Dinner we watch the latest Bond Film "Skyfall" which Elaine brought round on Video, after that Dave gave me a lift home at about 6.30 so that was a very enjoyable day, It is a good job that the Methotrexate effects had almost worn off so I was able to go out and enjoy myself.

Well as you can tell I am now back home and feeling rather bloated, so no supper for me tonight as I need to be up bright and early and on top form for my appointment at the Hospital tomorrow with my Neurologist Dr Gibb. so I will say once again sorry it is such a short and late journal today so will now get it Posted and say Tatty Bye until tomorrow.

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