Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Wednesday trip to Morrisons.

And here we are on another day in a very cold UK. at least it is dry and slightly less cold than yesterday, There is not that icy wind blowing around today so that should make it better to go shopping down at Morrisons today. Well it was a decent nights sleep last night after spending a nice couple of hours down with Leanne and Gervase last night, Leanne,s dad "Dave" was there and it was nice to see him as well and also the cats.
Down with Gervase and Leanne yesterday evening.
The Morning text to Pauline
Dave gave me a lift home about 9.15 so I had a coffee, Phoned Pauline and then watched the 10.00 News on the TV before heading to bed just after 10.30. Slept through until about 3,30 when I needed the bathroom and then slept through until 7.45. so well pleased with that. At 8.00 I go and get a coffee and take back to bed and just laze around until 8.45 when I go and make another coffee and then into the lounge to text Pauline.

Once I have sent the text to Pauline I go and get some Porridge for breakfast and then Pauline Phones to say that she is out with Misty on Southsea Common and will be booking a Taxi for 11.00 to collect me and to go shopping down at Morrisons, I have to shop for 4 days supplies today as it will be easter weekend this weekend and Pauline will be helping Gordon tomorrow which is why we are going shopping today.

Well I do a quick check on the laptop computer to sort out my emails and also have a look to see who is on Facebook, and then go and get a shave and get myself ready for when Pauline arrives with the Taxi, I check to make sure I have everything on the shopping list that I need and then watch a bit of TV until Pauline arrives Just after 11.00, we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and then off we go down town to get the shopping.

The rear entrance to Wilkinsons in the city centre

The driver drops us off at wilkinsons as Pauline wants to get a couple of bits for Misty and then we make our way to morrisons via the Nationwide.
Morrisons at the Victory Retail Park, Portsmouth
When we get to morrisons it is about 12.15 so we decide to have lunch first and then we can get the shopping done so that is what we do, I have some nice Stilton and Broccoli soup and Pauline has a sausage roll and we both have a latte coffee and then once we have had lunch we get a trolley attached to the wheel chair and off we go around the store and get the shopping,
Soup for me and a sausage roll for Pauline.
once we had got the shopping and paid for it, I phone for a Taxi and we head back home, where we get the shopping put away, and then after a coffee and a chat Pauline makes her way home about 3.15 and I have another coffee and a bit of a rest in the recliner before getting todays journal started at about 5.15. so there we are then another day over with, still not feeling 100% but certainly better than I was over the weekend, and am looking forward now to a few days of just resting indoors as the last couple of days have been busy, so I will say Bye bye and leave you with todays day in History for the 27th March 1963 and will be back with another daily journal tomorrow.

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