Friday, March 8, 2013

It is a Dank, Dreary, Wet, Dull, Freaky Friday.

Daily Journal 601

Yes Folks it is true, Todays Journal is the 601st Journal since I started to write my Daily Journal at the beginning of July 2011, it is surprising how fast time flies by .
Here is the posting from the first Journal written on the 2nd July 2011.

The Start of July 2011

Well here we are, starting July, does not seem like it is 6 weeks since I was released home from QA, Hospital at Cosham and 9 weeks since being admitted to Southampton General Hospital and being diagnosed with this crap condition.

Getting to Grips with Dermatomyositis is hard, having to rely on other people to help me do everyday tasks is what I find most difficult to come to terms with, My thanks really do go out to all the support and help I am receiving from family and friends.

My Dysphagia ( difficulty with swallowing) has not really improved much at this time although it is early days in the treatment so really cant expect to much at this moment in time, so puree meals are still the order of the day. Muscle weakness and immobility are still there although we are now getting into a treatment plan with the medication so hopefully we will see some improvement in the weeks ahead.

I have this week Reduced my Steroid,s from 40mg per day to 30mg per day ( bearing in mind 8 weeks ago I was on 60mg per day) and am starting to increase the Methotrexate fro 7.5mg per week to 15mg per week, this being phased in over a period of 6 weeks.

Because of the Metotrexate I have to have blood tests every week to keep a check on side effects and infections.

The Journal has certainly changed since then, In the early days, there was no cartoons or Photographs anyway onwards and upwards 

Today is a very dull and Murky day and it looks as though Winter is fighting back over this next week as the weather forecast for the next week does not look very promising.
Five day weather forecast
The day in history for today is the Birth of Kenneth Grahame on the 8th March 1859, Author of one of my favourite books when I was Growing up 

It was a decent nights sleep last night, I stayed up a little later last night listening to the quiz on the Local Radio Station, so did not get to bed until about 11.30, but got off to sleep quite  quickly, and slept through until about 7.30 when I went and made a coffee to take back to bed where I lazed listening to the local news on the radio until 8.30 when I got dressed and went into the lounge with another coffee and to get the morning text off to Pauline.  

Once I had sent the text to Pauline , I log onto the laptop to check my emails and also to see who is on facebook and catch up with the "Words with Friends" games. I am playing 20 games so need to keep on top of it, however Pauline phones to say they are on the way to Salisbury, but the weather is not good and there is a lot of mist which makes for poor visibility but they will soon be at Salisbury. Once I have finished speaking to Pauline I get ready and take a walk round to the Tesco express to get the Morning paper, 
A Very wet day today in Portsmouth UK
Time for a Lie Down
Once I am back from the Newsagent I settle down to read the paper and get the crossword done and then spend time listening to the radio and sorting through some early 1900,s postcards of Wales, at 12.30 I get some soup for lunch with a couple of slices of toast and then take my 15 mg of Methotrexate before going for a lie down at 1.00 pm. 

Spring is on the way 
At 2.00 I go and make a coffee and then go into the lounge to start on todays Journal. it has been a funny old day today I have not done very much at all, but I feel absolutely worn out. I think it is the way the weather has really been very dreary this week and being stuck in doors with the heating on tends to really pull you down and when you do go out in this weather you have to be wrapped up in hats , Scarves, Coats and gloves, what I need is some more days like last tuesday with some blue skies and sunshine, still one day spring will be here  

Well that is about it for today really, I am now going to get the Vegetable prepared for tonight,s dinner and then go for another lie down as the Methotrexate starts to do its job so until tomorrow I will say Adios Amigo,s.

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