Friday, March 29, 2013

And here we are on Good Friday:

Good Morning one and all and a Happy Easter weekend to you all from the South Coast of the UK.
well again it was a decent nights sleep, slept through from about 11.30 until 6.30 and then dozed until 8.00 before getting a coffee and then just lying in bed listening to the radio until I made my way into the lounge at 9.30 to send the morning text to Pauline.
A Decent nights sleep

 I then got some chocolate star cereal for breakfast before going round to get the morning paper at 11.00. Once I had got the paper and a couple of "Hot Cross Buns" I make my way back home to settle down with a coffee and listen to the radio while getting the  crossword in the Paper done.
The Morning paper
Well the weather is Sunny again today anyway it is still very cold so I am glad I have got my Lamb and Vegetables cooking in the slow cooker for dinner this evening, I will have dinner earlier today as I had a late breakfast so will just have a couple of toasted Hot Cross Buns at lunchtime and then have dinner about 5.00 this evening
A Toasted Hot Cross Bun
It is now 11.30 and have not heard from Pauline so I give a ring and Gordon answers he has been up and taken Misty out and Pauline is still in bed, I think these tablets she is taking for her Thyroid is tending to make her very tired so hopefully she will have enjoyed her lie in. Pauline phones about 12.15 to say that she is now up and we have a chat, and then she goes and I listen to some "Andrew Sister Music" on "You Tube" via the smart TV.
The Andrews Sisters
Anyway after a couple of Hot cross buns and a coffee it is time to settle down to watch one of my favourite movies "Easter Parade" from 1948 starring Fred Astair and Judy Garland. That is an excellent movie for easter and is being shown on the TCM Movie channel.
Easter Parade Movie 1948
well that finishes at 3.00 and then it is over to UK Gold to  watch some old "Vicar of Dibley" sitcom,s

Well it is now nearly five O'Clock and time for dinner and the dreaded Methotrexate. It has been a very restful and enjoyable day today so I will say Tatty bye until tomorrow and leave you with Todays day in History for March 29th 1871.

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