Monday, March 11, 2013

Hospital Outpatients appointment today.

Good morning one and all so what happened this morning, got up, at 8.15 after a decent nights sleep and into the kitchen to make a coffee, opened the back door to put out the rubbish into the bin and ............

It Is Snowing

Its Snow Time
This time last week we were looking forward to warmer spring weather and today we are back in the depths of winter. Oh well so much for spring weather and to cap it all I have an appointment at noon to see my Neurologist Dr W Gibb up at the Queen Alexander Hospital, oh well such is life.

Stuck in the Office overnight
well that did it took my coffee and went back to bed until the heating warmed up the flat a bit more, listening to the local radio it seems that there are lots of delays on the roads and Railways so Phoned Gervase to see if he is held up on his way to work, he is running late and in fact he text me later to say that he arrived at work an hour Late, but at least he did get there so that is Ok, just hope he makes it home alright tonight and does not have to stay over up in Haywards Heath.

Gordon gets on with the cleaning
anyway lazed in bed until the flat warmed up and then took a coffee into the lounge and put on the News and weather on the TV, well it looks like the snow is here to stay for the next day or two so get out the scarf, gloves, hat and hand warmers. anyway I text Pauline and then get some nice hot Porridge for breakfast, I have just finished breakfast when Pauline phones to say that her and Gordon will be round about 11.00, so that she will come up to the hospital with me while gordon gets the Flat cleaning done, So I book a taxi for 11.15.

Pauline and Gordon arrive about 10.55 and they have time for a coffee before the Taxi arrives at 11.15. Me and Pauline get into the taxi and off we go up to the QA Hospital at cosham for my Appointment with My Neurologist, it is very wintery up at the QA, as it is situated halfway up Portsdown Hill.
Outside the North Entrance at the QA looking west
The North Entrance looking up Portsdown hill
we are a bit early so we make our way into the outpatients for my 12.00 appointment and Dr Gibb is running about 30 minutes late, so that is not to bad, Pauline goes off to the shop to get me a newspaper and at 12.40 we get called in.
A good Hospital Appointment
It was a good visit today, Dr Gibb is pleased with my progress although he could see I was having a problem walking with my Right Thigh/Hip and mentioned that so we will probably see how that goes, He is Satisfied with my Blood test,s and He is reducing my Prednisolone down from 15 mg on Alternate days to 10 mg on Alternate days so I am pleased about that although he is quite happy that I reduce at a slower rate if I think the 5 mg drop all at once is to much, He was very interested with my going Gluten Free and thought that it was a good move if it was helping with my Digestion and he does not want to see me for 6 months so that will be in september when we will do another PFT.

Yummy Scrambled Egg
So once that is over and done with I am very happy with that visit so go back outside and phone for a Taxi to take us home. The Taxi arrives and off we go and get back home about  1.40. Gordon makes me and pauline a coffee and then they are on there way home and I am in my nice warm newly cleaned Flat. so time for some lunch so have some scrambled egg with a couple of crispbread and then settle down to get todays Journal written.

So it is now 4.20 and it has been a busy day so I need to have a lie down before thinking about getting dinner prepared, Tonight it will be Smoked Haddock with Bacon and mashed Potato, and then an early night as it was a busy day out visiting Pauline and Gordon yesterday and then down with Gervase and leanne, and then up the hospital today and tomorrow it will be a busy day out shopping at Morrisons, so I will get this Journal Posted and then go for a cat nap so until tomorrow I will say a wintery Bye Bye

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