Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Misty day down on the waterfront.

And here we are on a very damp and dreary Thursday, what a change from Tuesday when it was so spring like and now today it is wet, and misty however todays "Day in History" will add a little culture to todays Journal.

Is it a Frog in my Throat ?
It was not to bad a night last night, I got off to sleep pretty easily at about 11.30 after listening to the quiz on Radio Solent, but woke at 5.00 am to use the toilet and had a really sore throat, which meant I had to take a couple of Throat lozenges to ease the soreness, I think it was the fact of eating the curry with Rice last night for dinner, as I had the same trouble last time.
 I think it s the rice that is the problem so will have to  rethink what I eat "Again" Oh what fun we have, anyway eventually got back to sleep until I woke at 8.15. It is so nice not having a carer in the mornings as I get to stay in bed a little longer, anyway made a coffee and took back to bed until 9.00 when I made another coffee to take into the lounge.

I text pauline to let her know all is Ok and then get a small bowl of Chocolate Stars for breakfast as I seem to have a bit of a "Delhi Belly" after the chicken Korma last night, I think that I will have to delete curry from my list of Preferred foods, as it also happened last time, "They always say that you learn by your mistakes", well "Not Me apparently".
so after several trips to the bathroom I have come to the conclusion that I should have given the laxative a miss last night, Oh well at least I know now.

Nearly Ready
Anyway Pauline phones about 9.30 and is out in the rain on Southsea common with Misty, It is raining, not hard but steady and it is very misty, so we decide that we will not go over on the ferry to Gosport in this weather but we will go to Gunwharf Shopping area as I have not been there for a while and they also have clean Disabled Toilets which I may be in need of. LOL, I do feel sorry for Pauline with what she has to put up with when she takes me out on a Tuesday and Thursday, anyway she is going to book a Taxi for 11.00 so that is Ok so that gives me time to check emails and Facebook and then to get shaved and dressed for when Pauline arrives.

Well Pauline arrives about 11.10 and we get the wheelchair and me in the Taxi, and then we are off down to Gunwharf shopping centre which is down on the waterfront and is a very historic area of Portsmouth Dockyard.

In one of the Aisles at Gunwharf

Looking towards the entrance to Gunwharf
Is it still raining Pauline

The Spinnaker Tower shrouded by the Mist
The waterfront at Gunwharf

Looking East along the Waterfront at Gunwharf

Looking West along the waterfront at Gunwharf
The Portsmouth Hard from Outside CityWide Taxi Office.
Once we have had a good walk around We make our way back out to the hard where we go into the City wide Taxi office and get a Taxi to take us home, once home we have a Coffee and then Pauline is on her way back home, and it is nice to say that my Tummy has settled down now in  time for a nice light meal of Sausage and mash tonight, so I will now post this journal and get Dinner started as I am feeling Hungry so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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