Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Decent day "Is Spring Arriving ?"

And here we are on Tuesday March the 5th, Once I had got up this morning about 8.30   after a decent nights sleep I decided that I would put on some youtube videos of Patsy cline on the TV, and Watch and listen to one of the greatest country singers of her day, so sad that she passed away at the young age of 31 in an air crash on this date in 1963, however
Patsy Cline on the Tex Ritter Ranch show
Walking the dog
anyway while I am playing and watching those I have some Porridge for breakfast and also Text Pauline. Pauline phones back and she is out on the common with Misty, and will book a Taxi for 11.00 to come and collect me and then we will be off down to the city centre to get the shopping and as Gordon is home today he will come down later and meet us in morrison,s and we can have lunch. and then he will take us back home. Sound like a good plan to me.

Getting Ready to go shopping
well it is 9.30 so I have an hour until I need to start getting ready for Pauline so I log on to the laptop and check out facebook and also my emails, and check out words with friends and it soon gets round to 10.30 so now to have a shave and get dressed ready for when Pauline gets here.

Boots Stay Dry Pants
Well true to her word Pauline text,s at 11.00 to say she is on her way and arrives with the  Taxi at about 11.10. the wheelchair gets put into the Taxi and so Do Pauline and I and we are of down to the city centre and the first stop will be Boots the chemist, so that is where the Taxi driver drops us off. so into Boots the chemist as I need to by some "Dry Stay Pants" for when I go out and to wear at night, all good fun as I tell the girl behind the checkout when I pay for them that it is cheaper than buying waterproof hats to wear in the Rain LOL

The next stop is to have a coffee at the espresso bar in the precinct, and Pauline wants to go into the "Card Factory"to get some greeting cards. well we have a coffee and then Pauline goes ito the Card Factory, while she is in There I see an old workmate "Brian" from way back so we have a nice chat while waiting for Pauline.
Having a Coffee in the Precinct.
The Card factory Commercial Road Precinct.
anyway once Pauline had got her cards We take a slow walk to Morrison,s I Push the wheelchair most of the way until my leg muscles tell me that enough is enough, One thing I have learned with Dermatomyositis and that is to Listen to your body.
On the way out of the Precinct towards Morrisons.
Well we get to morrisons and I am now back in the wheelchair but I have done well so pleased with that anyway we get our fresh fruit and veg from there very good fresh produce department and then make our way around the rest of the store getting the items that we need, Gordon Joins us when we are about halfway through the shopping so he pushes me while Pauline pushes the trolley.
Fresh fruit and veg section in Morrisons.
well once we have all the items that we need we make our way to the checkout, Pauline and gordon get there items first and then I get mine through the checkout, the girls on the checkout are as cheerful and friendly as always.
Gordon and Pauline at the checkout.
Once we have paid for our purchases we make our way to the cafeteria for lunch, we secure the trolley and goods in the customer lockups and go and order lunch, Pauline has a toasted tea cake, Gordon has double fried egg on toast and I have a children,s portion of Sausage and Chips as I only eat small meals when I am out due to my g=digestive problems and also there is no Gluten free lunches available.
Enjoy your lunch Pauline and Gordon.
Once we have finished lunch we get the shopping and the wheelchair loaded into Gordon,s car and then we head back home. Once back home we unload my wheelchair and shopping from the car and get it put away , and then we have a coffee and a chat and then about 3.15 Pauline and Gordon make their way home, and I make a coffee and settle down to get tonight,s Journal written and Posted.

That really was an excellent day so as it is now 5.40 I am going to get this journal posted and then get tonight,s dinner cooked, tonight it will be Salmon Fillet and Boiled new Potato and served with a nice white sauce, a light meal tonight after having lunch out, so until tomorrow I will say tatty bye, and remember all of you that suffer from an Auto immune disease that awareness is the way forward to more research for a cure and a brighter future for us all.

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