Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Down Town Tuesday

Its Tuesday.
Welcome to Tuesday,s Edition of my daily Journal, well the year is rushing along and this weekend coming up will be the Easter weekend, Last Easter was the start of my journey with Dermatomyositis. I have come a long way on that rocky road and still a long journey ahead, but as with all things in life," It is what you make it"

Well today is another bright Sunny Day here in "Sunny Southsea" although the cold and wet weather is on its way down from the North. They have already had some heavy Snow falls in Scotland this Morning, But as you can see from the following Photo it is not here yet.
Portsmouth 8.20 Today.

Alpen porridge.
Well a restless night last night so glad to see the morning arrive, Amanda arrives as usual at 8.40 and gets me washed and groomed and then I get myself some "Alpen Porridge"for breakfast. That is an excellent porridge filled with fruit and very tasty. anyway once that has been consumed, I make a coffee and then text Pauline to let her know all is OK. Pauline phones back and we arrange to go down to Commercial road today, as I went shopping on Sunday with Gervase so Pauline will be round with the Taxi at 11.00, so I have time to check emails and facebook before getting shaved and dressed ready for when Pauline gets here.

At 11.10 Pauline arrives and we get the wheelchair into the Taxi and off we jolly well go. The Taxi Driver drops us off at the Precinct entrance in Slindon Street and Pauline goes to post a letter, then we are off to the bank to get some cash out of the ATM.
Barclays Bank Portsmouth
Once I have got that sorted we decide to have a coffee and a Burger from the burger van in the Precinct and we sit in the Sun by the fountain and drink the coffee and have a nice chat, it is very pleasant sat her in the spring sunshine although it is not so warm once you are out of the sun, once we have finished that we go into the electronics shop "Currys Digital to get Gervase and Leanne,s Easter Present. ( Its a Secret until tomorrow)
Currys Digital. Portsmouth.
Once we are out of Curry,s we make our way into Wilkinson,s. Pauline wants to look at Wallpaper and I will have a look at the art supplies and then we also need to get some treats for Misty and Pauline needs cat food for Charlie. (Who happens to be a Female cat), don't ask why she is called charlie, Gordon named her and I think he must be short sighted LOL. However Pauline gets some wallpaper samples, { I think she has enough to paper her room}, we then get some treats for Misty and a couple of other bits and pieces and then off we go back into the precinct.
Wilkinsons Portsmouth.
The next stop is the Specsaver Opticians at the other end of the Precinct, I need to book and Eye test as i think my Steroid induced Cataract needs to be checked again, when I had an eye test in November the optician found a cataract in my left eye which he believes is Steroid Induced (Bloody Prednisolone) anyway he said we need to keep an eye on it (no pun intended) and arranged yearly eye test, however I have a feeling that my left eye has got a little more blurred so will have another eye test to check if the prescription for the lenses needs to be updated.
Specsavers portsmouth
So I have booked the appointment for Thursday the 12th of april so that is OK and we now have another coffee at the Dinky Donuts van and then make our way to Marks and Spencer food hall where I get a nice fish dinner for tonight and also some scottish salmon fish cakes and Pauline gets some items as well and then once we have paid for them we make our way back out and go over to Tesco in Crasswell street.
Marks and Spencer
On the way to Tesco pauline stops and goes over to the her bank to get a statement and I am left in the wheelchair in the precinct, a lady looks at me as she walks buy and I say "She just dumped me here and went off"  she say " where did she go then" I say " Off to sell her body I think " that made her laugh, my good deed for the day has been completed, I put a smile on some ones face.I have got everything I need so I wait outside of tesco in the sun, watching the world go by while Pauline goes and gets what she wants. once she is back outside I phone the taxi and we head home, once indoors I make a coffee and we have a sit down, it is nearly 2.15.
Home again.

Pauline has brought my clean shirts back with her and takes my washing back home, and is also going to drop my repeat prescription request into the doctors and collect it on Thursday when she comes round, so i phone city wide and get a Taxi to take her home. I then go foer a lie down as I am Knackered and then at 3.45 I start this Journal. I will have an early dinner today as I will be going round to see Gervase and Leanne tonight so I will get this posted and then watch TV until 5.30 when I get my nice Fish dinner from M&S.
Where Gervase and Leanne Live in Southsea.

So Untill tomorrow I will say Adios.

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