Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A stormy Wednesdy morning.

Stay in Bed Frankie.
It's Wednesday folks and the weather has turned with a vengeance today, There are strong winds and heavy showers at the moment, as I lie in bed I can hear the wind whistling around the outside of house and rattling the Fence panels in the garden, while the rain is beating on the windows "spooky", The time by the way is 3.30 am. so I go to the bathroom and put on the TV in the bedroom and snuggle back down until 8.00 am.

Walking the dog
Anyhow at 8.00 O'Clock I go and make a coffee and then into the lounge to await the Carer, who turns up at 8.40 and gets me washed and groomed and is then off on her way, Jo is a nice carer so hopefully she will be the permanent carer for me. Next is to get some Breakfast , wheatabix today and also another coffee and then get a text sent off to Pauline, who phones back to say she is still at home but will be taking Misty out for her walk shortly , but as she says it is very wet and Windy so won't be out on the common long as that wind come in off the sea and is very strong and cold.
Looking at the Cartoon of "Pauline walking the Dog" I have concluded that it is probably not the image that Gershwin had when he wrote the music "Walking the dog" for the Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers 1937 Film "Shall We Dance"

No skeletons found in the
History research today
When pauline is out with Misty she texts to say that the waves are coming up over the sea wall along the sea front so she will not be out long today. anyway it is now getting on for 10.15 so I am going to spend a couple of hours on the computer with Family Research, hopefully making some progress.  At 11.30 I take a coffee and biscuit break and then do a bit more until 1.00 when it is time for lunch. Got a bit further with the family history today, it is an interesting research into the American side of the family, and at least no skeletons in the cupboard today LOL.

So Lunch today is a couple of Crisp Bread with a couple of Cheese triangles and a Banana, so that was tasty and went down well so now a nice coffee and then a hour in the recliner watching " Green Green Grass (2005) " and "Ever Decreasing Circles (1984)", two old sit-coms on UK Gold.
Ever Decreasing circles 1984 staring Richard Briars.
Well that was an enjoyable hour watching the old comedy shows, I am watching "Porridge" with ronnie Barker now, I have seen these several times but they still make me laugh, After porridge it is "Only fools and horses" and then "To the Manor born" so a good afternoon ahead, anyway I must now think about getting this Journal finished for today and then think about what to have for Dinner tonight.
To the Manor Born starring Penelope Keith
The weather has not changed much today, there have been a few sunny periods but mainly it has been sharp heavy showers and strong winds, which has been blowing the waves up over the sea wall along Southsea sea front. Not very nice at all as you can see by the Photo taken from the Live Webcam at Portsmouth Harbour. taken at 3.30 this afternoon.
Portsmouth 3.30 Today
With this weather I am glad I have stayed in today, it does get a bit boring being stuck inside all day in the winter but that is the way it goes, at least when the warmer weather gets here I can get out in the Garden, and tomorrow I have an Opticians appointment down in Portsmouth City Centre at specsavers, so Pauline is going to take me.It was discovered in October at my last appointment that I had a Cataract that was most likely Induced by the Prednisolone as that is one of the side effects, so I have been noticing a slight deterioration in my vision over the last 3 or 4 weeks so will see if I need new glasses.

So that is about it for today, The time is now 3.34, so time for a cup of tea and then at 5.00 it will be time to get dinner sorted, today it will be smoked Haddock Fillet with Mashed Potato and Cauliflower and Broccoli in a cheese sauce. so until tomorrow and the trip down to the city Centre and hopefully shopping in Morrisons I will say Tatty bye.


  1. Great post. If I can be so bold as to suggest that you place the follow this blog by email gadget in your sidebar. I and many others prefer to get email notice of a new post as I don't use a reader :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion roly. I will look into it and see if google do one.