Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Busy doing nothing

♬♬♬ I'm Busy doing nothing, ♬♬♬
♬♬♬ working the whole day through. ♬♬♬
♬♬♬ Trying to find, Lots of things not to do. ♬♬♬

A Lazy Day
As the words of the song goes I am absolutely knackered today trying to find things not to do, in other words I am having a lazy day. At the moment I am going through a period of one day good, the next bad.

This all started about 6 weeks ago when I last saw my Neurologist. He wants to reduce my Prednisolone down to the equivalent of 7.5 mg per day, at the moment I am on 10 mg per day, the way he is doing it is for me to take 5 mg one day and 15 mg the next, and then at some point drop it to 5 mg one day and 10 mg the next, the problem is nobody has told my body. the day after I take the 15 mg I have a really good day, the day after i take the 5 mg I have a really lethargic day. "Weird"
Well yesterday I took the 15 mg so today is a good day, so that means I can Enjoy lazing around and doing nothing. and I also had a good nights sleep last night.
I went down to see Gervase and Leanne yesterday evening, and Leanne,s dad was there and he gave me a lift home at 9.00. It was nice to spend the evening there and I took down the Easter present I brought them. Gervase was saying he had trouble getting a decent TV reception in their bedroom  so as he has wifi in the house and has netflix etc I treated them to the " Apple TV Box, so now he can stream everything via wifi to the bedroom TV.
Apple TV Box with Remote control.
Is it Sunday already
Had a text from Leanne this morning to say that they are really pleased with the Apple TV box, it looks quite good so I may even get myself one of them. 
Anyway I woke  up about 6.00 this morning, the weather was still nice here on the south coast although they are still predicting rain , but hopefully it wont reach us here and according to the Met office we will not get any rain until Sunday.

Once I am up at 8.00 (I lazed in bed until 8.00 am) I made a coffee and went to the lounge to watch the news until Amanda arrives at 8.45. she is all excited and looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. anyway she gets me washed and Groomed and then is on her way and I get some breakfast, Pauline phones and lets me know that she is feeling better today and then I settle down to watch Mondays episode of "Little house on the Prairie"
Little House on the Prairie
After little house on the prairie I make a coffee and a strawberry complan and then get on the laptop to check out the emails and facebook. I also do the online crossword in the Daily Mirror and check the local News Paper " The News". I see that HMS Dauntless the latest Type 42 Destroyer leaves Portsmouth for a 6 month deployment in the South Atlantic, to a large farewell from Portsmouth Residents and Naval Families on the Round Tower at old Portsmouth 
HMS Dauntless leaving Portsmouth Naval base for the South Atlantic.

Pack of 4 Dole Snack Pots.
The time is now 12.45 so time for some lunch so I have a nice cup of tea and a couple of crisp bread with a Salmon Spread and also a snack pot of Peaches in Juice. That went down very well and now it is time to watch the lunchtime news and then spend an hour or so on the Family History research and a bit of cartoon creating before I get this Journal written and posted.

This has been a pretty god day doing "Nothing" so I am now going to get this Journal finished and then have a nice coffee and sit out in the back room and enjoy the sunshine so until tomorrow and another day of shopping ( and Bill Paying) with Pauline, I will say Cheerio.

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