Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A storm is Brewing

Weather map for South Coast of the UK
And a very Good Morning from a very wet and windy Portsmouth, It is 5.00 am here and I am sat in bed with a hot coffee and the laptop listening to the wind howling down the side of the house and the rain beating against the window. it is the start of a very stormy couple of days for us here on the south coast of the UK, At the moment the wind speed is about 22 mph but the worst weather is expected this afternoon with Torrential downpours and wind speeds of around 35 mph gusting to 60 mph and this weather is supposed to last into the weekend. The other bad news on the TV this morning is that it looks like Britain is heading into another period of financial recession.

Today is Anzac Day, this is the anniversary of the Gallipoli Landings by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, on the 25th April 1915. I have an interest in this as through Family History research I have a family Connection to Australia as my Great Great Grandfather Joseph Smith Had a Sister Esther Caroline Smith who in 1853 married John Henry Nobbs and emigrated to Australia in the late 1800,s
Anzac Day in Australia 25th April.
Raining cats and dogs.
Here we are at 8.00 am and the skies are so dark that I need the lights on in the lounge . I think that poor Jo the Carer is going to be drenched this morning by the time she gets here, it must be difficult cycling in this heavy rain and strong winds, so I have put on the central heating so she can put her wet coat on it and hopefully dry it a little bit while she is here, but hopefully she will have waterproofs that she can wear.

Fallen Trees
I have just Phoned Pauline to ask her to let Gordon Know that they have just announced that there are trees blown down in the Hampshire/Wiltshire area and that has caused traffic delays on the roads and motorway,s, and will probably affect Gordon as he has to travel to Salisbury for work this morning.

Well Jo arrives at 8.30 and as expected she is very "wet" and windswept, so I make a cup of tea for her and put her coat on the Radiator so that it will dry a little bit, she has two extra clients to go to  today, but at least they are quite close to me so she won't have far to travel, anyway she soon has me washed and groomed and has her cuppa and is on her way.

Todays Breakfast
so what to have for breakfast is the Major decision of the day for me, I think today I will have a bowl of "Special K with red berries and a banana, and then I can get on with a bit of online research into the  Jersey Census, to trace the Nobbs and also Ester Caroline Smith, who married John Henry Nobbs before they emigrated to Australia.
Once Breakfast is over I go and get dressed and then get on with my online Genealogy research until 11.00 when I go to make a coffee and also have a look to see what the weather is like outside, it is still very wet and windy although it has brightened up a bit. so now to have my coffee and watch  last night,s recording of Little house on the prairie.

Wet and windy this morning looking through my back door
Ok so that was a nice relaxing morning, the time is now approaching 1.00 pm and it is time to start thinking about lunch, I will be having a smoked haddock fillet today with some fresh bread and butter so that will go down a treat, one of the more interesting events of this morning was the phone call from one of these company, s who want to recover £3000.00 GBP from mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance policy,s on my loans and credit cards. I said that I probably was not interested but if they would just wait a minute while I  turned my gas hob down I would listen to what they have to say, anyway I left the phone on the table for 30 minutes and when I picked it up they had rung off, Trouble is people have no Patience these days, I also only cook with electric.
PPI Cold Calling Salesman.
So here we are then lunch was really good and now it is time to watch a few of the old sit coms being shown on "UK Gold". at the moment it is "One Foot in the grave" followed at 1.40 by "Dinner Ladies" with "Victoria woods" and thaen at 2.20 by "Ever decreasing circles" with "Richard Briars". and then it will be time to get this journal finished and posted.

Sleeping in the chair.
So the time is now 3.30, just had a text from Pauline to say she has got her heating on as it is "Nippy" today, I have had mine on all day today, only on a low setting though. So much for watching the old Sit-coms I dozed off in the armchair for an hour or so and got woken by the phone when Pauline text me.
So now I need to get this Journal finished and posted and then think about what to have for dinner tonight and get the washing up done from Lunchtime, but first a coffee i think.

well time to get things done so until tomorrow I will say Cheerio.

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