Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter monday Wet and windy.

And so we go into the last day of Easter. and the weather has turned to a really wet and windy day today. apparently it is going to get worse during the day as the weather moves west to east along the South Coast, still at least I am indoors and that is where I intend to stay for the day. A good excuse to press on with some family history research.

So I went to bed at 10.30 last night and slept through until about 6.45 this morning, I laze around in bed listening to "the wind blowing the rain onto the window, until I realize that it is certainly the rain hitting the window but the wind is me",  so that explains why the Duvet was on the floor this morning when I woke up. Oh well this should be fun today then, better go and put the sign out on the front gate to warn the Carer.

At 8.00 I get out of bed and make my way to the lounge with a coffee to settle down and watch the Morning news on TV until the carer arrives, I have no idea who it will be today or what time they will be here as Amanda is on holiday this week. However at 8.30 the carer arrives, I have not seen this lady before, her name is Kim and she will be coming all this week, she is a very nice lady and she soon has me washed and groomed with no problems and is soon on her way to find out where her next client is.
A new carer Today.
Now it is time for some breakfast so into the kitchen for some porridge and another coffee and then get dressed and settle in front of the TV and start some family history research.

Well the morning has gone by pretty quickly, my Flatulence seems to have abated  much to my relief, and it is approaching lunch time so I think today I will just have a couple of Crisp Bread with some cream cheese and a banana, and then it will be time to take a cat nap for an hour before an afternoon of "Diagnosis Murder" which is on "Alibi" I do like Dick Van Dyke in these episodes. and I can also get this journal written and posted at the same time.
"Diagnosis Murder"
Well there we are then a nice easy, relaxing and pleasant Easter Monday, resting today after my "Methotrexate Weekend" and then tomorrow is a hectic day as I have Blood tests in the Morning and then shopping down the city centre with Pauline. So This is a short Journal today.
It seems that my eyesight is giving me a few problems today, too long on the laptop with family research this morning I think, I will be glad when I get my eyes tested on Thursday to see if the cataract has increased since my last eye test in october last year.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter, and so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye. 

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