Thursday, April 19, 2012

To See the Optician.

Yahoo Today is Thursday and It is eyesight test and shopping down Commercial Road in the City Centre today. At least the weather forecast for today is better than it was for yesterday but they still forecast showers, so an umbrella is a must today. It was a decent nights sleep last night and I woke at 6.30 this morning and looking forward to going down town with Pauline. However I lie around in bed until 7.45 and then get a coffee and go into the lounge to watch the Morning news on TV and to check e-mails and Facebook and also to check the live webcam at Portsmouth Harbour.
Portsmouth at 7.55 this Morning.
Jo is busy today
As you can see from the Photo above taken at 8.00 am this morning from the Live webcam, that the weather is very grey and cloudy today, anyway at 8.45 Jo the carer arrives and gets me washed and Groomed ready for today, she has got a couple of more clients to see today so no time for a cup of tea, so once she has finished she is onto her bike and off to her next client.

Alpen porridge.
So Now that Jo has gone I can get myself some breakfast, I was going to have scrambled egg and toast today but I think I will leave that until tomorrow and settle for some "Alpen Raspberry, apple and Raisin Porridge." that will set me up for going out in the cold down town. once i have finished Breakfast I text pauline and she phones back to say she has booked the taxi for 11.15 and will collect my Prescription from the doctors on the way to me and then we will go down town. so that is OK the time is now 9.50 so I have an hour before I need to start getting  ready for Pauline to collect me.

So I spend the hour watching yesterdays recorded episode of little house on the prairie and  then at 11.00 go and have a shave and get dressed ready for pauline to arrive with the Taxi at 11.30. Once pauline gets here with the taxi, the driver gets the wheelchair in and then off we go to commercial road, Pauline has her Knee strapped up today and she has booked a Physio appointment for Monday at 4.00 pm. anyway she needs to go into Debenham,s while I go to the ATM to get some cash.
Debenham,s and the Millennium fountain in Commercial road Precinct.
( Stock Photo NOT taken by me )
Once I have got my Money I sit outside of Currys and wait for Pauline, there is a feel of Rain in the wind which is quite gusty here at the moment, it is very quiet here in town for a thursday so while I am waiting I take a Photo to show how quiet it is here today.
A Quiet Commercial Road.

Once pauline is out of Debenham,s we make our way down the Precinct to Specsavers for my Eye Test, we do not have to wait long and then I go into the cubicle with the Optician, it is the chap I saw last time in November. I explain why I am here and he does a thorough examination of my eyes and carries out the eye tests.
 The outcome is that my long distance vision has deteriorated by 0.5% since last time but my near site test is the same, so this is as I expected with my Distance sight as that is where I noticed the difference. It is still diagnosed as due to the Prednisolone as this is one of the side affects of inducing cataracts, but the good news is that it is not a big a deterioration as last time, probably due to the tapering of the steroids.

So I need New Glasses again, I ask if the new lens could be fitted to the frames I got the time before last ( about 12 months ago) as they were supplied by them anyway and are in very good condition, there is not a problem with that but it would be £169.00 GBP to fit the new lens in the old frames or £125.00 GBP to have them fitted in New frames which are exactly the same as the old one,s. Can anyone explain how this can be ? Needless to say I chose the latter.
Well that was an experience, anyway it was a job well done and a good check up of my eyes and the new glasses will be ready in about 10 days, they will phone when they are ready and I can arrange to go in on a Tuesday or Thursday so now we go to the expresso bar for a sausage roll and a coffee for lunch, it is nice sat outside in the fresh air at least it is dry now and the sun is out, after that we take the prescription into Boots the chemist to get that filled, they say the medication will be ready in 15 minutes, so we go into Tesco to get a little bit of shopping and then collect the prescription after that it is only for my Calcichew and Lansoprazole .

Once we have the medication we get the Taxi home and once indoors get the shopping put away and then make a coffee and have a nice chat. Pauline sorts out some of my laundry to take with her, ( She is an Angel) and Then at 2.30 I phone a taxi to take her home and I settle down with a coffee and the laptop to write todays Journal and get it posted.
Well the time is now 5.00, where has today gone, it has been a really good day today thanks to Pauline, I have some sea bass fillets to do for dinner tonight and at 6.30 my son Gervase will be in to see me for an hour so that will be nice. so as it is nearly time for Pointless I will get this journal posted and say Cheerio until tomorrow.

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