Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To the vampire I go

Wakey Wakey
And good morning People from the depths of Transylvania , today is the day i go and see Debbie at the Dracula,s Castle "aka Eastney Health Centre." to give blood for my 3 weekly blood test,s. The things we do when we are on these medications for Myositis. anyway before then i need to get out of bed and get into the lounge ready for the carer as it is now 8.00 am.

Text pauline.
Well it was a decent nights sleep and now I am waiting for Kim the carer to arrive, She turns up nice and early and soon has me washed and Groomed ready for a busy morning which lies ahead of me. Once Kim has left I send the normal morning text to Pauline.
Pauline phone me back about 9.15 to say she is out on the common with Misty but has booked a Taxi for 10.10  to come and collect me to go to the Eastney Health Centre to see Debbie for my Blood test.

As Promised Pauline arrives with the Taxi at 10.20 and collects me and of we go to see Debbie (Queen of the Vampires). we arrive at the Health Centre and report to the chief Vampire Keeper "aka the receptionist" The Music playing in the Background is " The Monster Mash" by the well known Transylvanian Girl band " The Beating Hearts"
I am number 15 and there are two other people before me, It is a scary time sitting here listening to the screams coming from behind closed doors.

However enough of this fantasy story telling, I got a bit bored then LOL. Anyway Saw Debbie and gave Blood and I will phone up on Thursday or Friday to get the results. As usual they will do blood test for Liver, Kidney, a full blood count White and Red cells and CK. as well as Anemia, anyway that is all done and dusted so now We go back outside and Phone a taxi to take us home to collect the wheel chair and then down to the City Centre.
Portsmouth City Centre.

Once we are down the City Centre the first thing I need to do is go to the bank and then into Debenham,s to pay the account for March. once that is done we will go to Boots the Chemist to get a couple of bits and pieces that I need before going to the Expresso Cafe for  a coffee. so I decide to push the wheelchair and get a little bit of exercise, until I feel I have done enough and then Pauline will push me round.
Barclays Bank
well that is the Bank and Debenham,s done and now we are of to the other end of the precinct to go into Boots and then a coffee. I am still pushing the wheelchair and it is going OK so far, But as Pauline keeps saying, "Don't overdo it" anyway so far it is going OK but will listen to my body. 
Boot,s The Chemist
We have got what I need in Boots and now to the coffee bar for a sit down and rest and then it will be into Tesco to get the food shopping and something for dinner for tonight and tomorrow night. Anyway we get sat down with a nice coffee and sit and enjoy the fresh air and Sunshine, although it is not that warm, at least it is dry and Sunny with Blue skies, which is a bit different than yesterdays Wind and Rain. 
our Favourite Coffee Bar.

Well the coffee went down well so now into Tesco, the legs are telling me I have walked far enough so it is into the wheelchair for me and Pauline pushes me the short distance round the corner to the large Tesco supermarket. Once there Pauline gets a trolley and I Propel myself in the wheelchair and we get around Tesco and get the things we want, once we have completed the shopping we go into the Tesco cafe and have a nice bowl of  Vegetable soup with a nice warm Baguette. Once we have finished we go and pay for the shopping and then outside phone for a Taxi to take us home.
Tesco supermarket at Portsmouth city centre.

Taxi arrives and we load up the wheelchair and the shopping and head home. once indoors we put the shopping away and I make a coffee and we sit and have a chat for 15 minutes. We then get the Laundry put away that Pauline brought with her this morning and I then phone for a Taxi to take Pauline home as it is now getting on for 2.15. The Day has been a Good day today and Tonight I will listen to the Soccer Match as Portsmouth are playing a home game at Fratton Park.
Fratton Park, Portsmouth.

Rainbow Trout fillets
So there we go that is the day almost over. so now I will get this journal finished and posted and then think about getting dinner ready at 5.30 for a 6.00 meal. I got a couple of nice "Rainbow Trout Fillets" in tesco today so I will bake those with Butter in Foil Tonight and have them with some buttery mashed Potato "Tasty" I have not had Trout for a long time but it a oily fish, A good source of Omega 3.

So that is the end of my day, it is nearly time for Pointless on BBC1 and then dinner and getting ready to listen to the Football on the Radio, although if I open my widow I will be able to hear the crowd at the football stadium as it is quite near to me, it is one of the reasons we brought this house as I have been a Portsmouth supporter for a long time and also Gervase has as well.we spent many a saturday following Portsmouth football club at home and away matches. Well I will now get this journal Posted so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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  1. Vampires? Lol! I'm surprised they let you get away with calling them that in person. Most phlebotomists despise that word! (at least to their face) Last time I said that to one, I had a bruise on my arm for a week. lol