Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where is the Sun.

Portsmouth 8.18 This Morning at portsmouth Harbour.
So here we are 8.15 on a Sunday morning after a decent nights sleep, a lie in with a coffee in bed, now sat in the lounge waiting for Jo the carer to arrive, feeling really good and what is it doing outside, Blowing a gale and raining, so my question for today is "Where is the Sun ?" Does the weather not Know that it is the first of May on Tuesday,
Where is the sun today.
Well I do not know what has happened to Jo my carer this morning, it is now 9.22 and she has not yet arrived, she has probably overslept, or has a problem getting around on her cycle in this horrendous weather, anyway will leave it until 10.00 am and then I will have to phone the care company and let them know , so that I don't get charged for today. so not a lot to do really now so will go and get some breakfast and hope Jo gets here before 10.00. So it is now 10.37 and I have had no carer today. I phoned the care company, and it appears young Jo phoned in sick this morning, With this weather I do not blame her, anyway the on call person said someone would be coming round later but I told them not to bother, it would have been nice if someone had phoned me and let me know, she then got upset when I said that I would have to informs "Portsmouth adult social care" tomorrow so that they do not bill me for today. " Tough"
The plan
At 10.15 I had a phone call from Pauline to say she got my text this morning when her and Gordon were out on the common with Misty, She said they got drenched and windswept with the wind coming in of the sea, anyway this afternoon about 1.30 I am going to get a Taxi down to see them for an hour or so, and am looking forward to that so, I will have to get as much as this Journal done before I go.I can have lunch about 12.30 and then go down to them about 1.30 and I will then get a Taxi back home about 3.30 to 4.00 in time to sort out dinner for 6.00, well that is the plan anyway

So now it is time to get my emails sorted and get the washing up done from breakfast and then I can sort out what to wear this afternoon and think about having a shave.
I decided at 12.30 to get some lunch and settled for a tin of "Chicken soup with a couple of crisp bread spread with butter and a "Laughing Cow" cheese triangle. Boy did that go down a treat. so now it is 1.00 I have booked a Taxi for 1.30 to go and see Pauline and Gordon, so now to get dressed an ready for when the Taxi arrives.
So the Taxi arrives at 1.30 and off we go to Pauline's, I arrive about 1.45 and stay until about 4.00. It is a brilliant afternoon and me and gordon are in Hysterics over a posting on 'Facebook" that my cousin Michael from "Milton Keynes" posted on his wall. anyway At 4.00 it is time to get a Taxi home as I need to think about getting myself sorted out ready to start getting dinner ready at 5.00. anyway it was a good afternoon and a good day overall really. I had a phone call from my son Gervase when I was on the way home, he phoned to say that he hopes I had a good day and that he and leanne are off out to a friends Birthday Party this Evening.
The end of the road where Pauline and Gordon Live.
And the other End where Gervase and Leanne Live.
 Well I am now at home and it is 5.00 and I am just finishing of this Journal and then I will get Tonight,s Dinner started and watch a 1998 Film " Parent Trap" with "Lindsay Lohan" I have seen the 1961 film with "Hayley Mills" but not seen this 1998 remake.
1998 film " Parent Trap "

Well that is about it the end of a really good day so now for a nice restful evening of TV, so until tomorrow I will say Toodle Pip.

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  1. We did enjoy seeing you this afternoon Frank. It was so funny watching you and Gordon falling about laughing - you were both in stitches so much so that you both could hardly catch your breath (bet you're thankful for 'Tena' lol. It did my heart good to see!. You and Gordie get on so well together - don't know which one of you is the most mischievous - you are both as bad as one another! Pauline