Friday, April 13, 2012

A Methotrexate Friday the 13th

When You wake up very early, and you really feel like crap.
Some people go out shopping, And buy themselves a hat.
Other people sit there, and stare at the TV,
 Others throw a wobbly, and some go for a wee.
But me, Oh no I tell myself, better earlier  than late.
so go and make a coffee, and take Methotrexate.

well it nearly rhymes, what do you expect "Perfection"

Need Coffee.
 I woke up at about 3.45 this morning, went to the bathroom and could not get back to sleep, so decided to take my Methotrexate early then went on facebook for 15 minutes, and then tried to get back to sleep, must have dozed off and woke again at about 6.45. so decided that I might as well get up and make a coffee and take my Lansoprazole and then watch the morning News until the carer arrives.

Risk Assessment.
The carer arrives at 8.30. she soon gets me washed and shaved, she is pleased that the weather is brighter today, and anyway we have a chat about the new care company taking over this area from Monday, so this weekend is the last weekend with this company, I have the new care company coming this Morning to see me and to do a risk assessment.
Once the carer has gone I get some porridge for Breakfast and then get dressed.
The New care Company person arrive,s about 9.45 and carry out the risk assessment which takes all of 15 minutes as I live on the ground floor. anyway she checks the Toilet, Kitchen, and Bedroom and there are no concerns (Knew there would not be) anyway I insist that the carer gets here by 9.00 am every weekday and by 10.00 am at weekends and holidays, this is agreed and off she goes.

It is now 10.30 and I have just taken a screenshot of Portsmouth today. it is nice and sunny but there is some cloud starting to form so possible rain today later on.
Portsmouth today at 10.35 am
I am not feeling to bad today so  decided to have a tidy up of the small table in the lounge and a bit of dusting and polishing of the TV unit and also the coffee table in the window bay, anyway have a go at that for about 45 minutes and it went Ok but the shoulder/ neck muscles feel a bit tight so that is it for today. I have included a photo of the table that was "Tidied" so Pauline can see how it should look like and to stop her constant nagging LOL.
Here we are Pauline I have tidied the Medication Table "YaHooooo"
 That is enough for today as the Methotrexate is starting to Kick in, so now to relax with a coffee in front of the TV, to watch Cash in the Attic and Bargain Hunt on BBC 1, and then I will get some lunch at 1.00 today I will be having a couple of crispbread with some egg Mayonnaise and also a Banana, and a nice Blackcurrant Fruit Tea. Once that is finished I will watch an episode of Little house on the Prairie. I also found a box of home made cards that I made a couple of years ago, before the onset of the DM. I think I am ready to get back to making them again and resurrecting my eBid Store. Below are some of the cards I have made. most of these were made from recycled materials from old magazines, books, etc with a few Rubber stamp images stamped on recycled paper or card.
My home made cards I made in 2010 before DM Struck.

Cat Nap
I have watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie and am now going to get this journal written and posted and then go for a cat nap until 5.00 when I will put dinner on and then watch Pointless. well that is Friday the 13th nearly over with no Mishaps so got to be pleased with that,  Just hope I do not fall into a cat nap until I have todays journal finished,so until tomorrow I will say Adios.

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