Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Lesson learnt the Hard way

Hampshire Ambulance Service.
Well That was a turn up and no Mistake about it. From one of the most Enjoyable and active days I have had in a long time to one of the worst evenings and nights I have had in a long time. From shopping down Portsmouth City centre and then watching and enjoying some old TV to being in extreme pain and being rushed into the Emergency Department at Queen Alexandra Hospital and all happening within a few hours is scary, and just goes to show how "Myositis" is in control of our lives.

It all started yesterday evening about 7.30. I had been watching TV while my dinner was cooking, it was baked Rainbow Trout with Mashed Potato. I ate that and also had a snack pot of Fruit in Custard and settled down to watch Emmerdale, Coronation street and some other TV when I suddenly developed Sharp Chest Pains. I automatically thought, " Acid Reflux" and took a couple of "Gaviscon Tablets" and within about 20 minutes it had started to settle down.

Paramedic Rapid Response.
so I thought no more about it thought and enjoyed watching Coronation street and resting after a very nice day when at about 8.30 it came back again, it was a weird sensation and kept coming and easing, I had a lot of wind and thought it would go again but by 9.40 it was still there, I phoned Pauline and Gordon to let them know and they said they were going to come round, but for me to phone the out of hours doctors. This I did and they contacted the Emergency Services and with 8 minutes a Paramedic was at the door.

ECG Wave form.
At this point I am still convinced that it is indigestion but anyway, Pauline and Gordon arrive, (I had not let Gervase know at this point as they have been having trouble with one of Leanne,s dog which has been "Fitting" and they had taken it to the vets so Pauline will let him know later what happens) anyway the paramedic does all the ops and the pulse, heart, breathing are all OK anyhow due to my history of Myositis and the Reveal Heart Monitor Fitted he radios in for an Ambulance so they can transmit a ECG to the Hospital Cardiac team.

Accident and emergency.
Once the Ambulance arrives I get taken into the ambulance and wired up to the ECG Machine. The generated waveform is transmitted to the hospital and the message back is to take me into the Emergency Unit at Queen Alexander hospital for investigation as the ECG is showing an Irregular Heartbeat.

Duty A&E Doctor.
By this time it is 11 20 so off we go off to the hospital it takes about 15 minutes and we arrive and I am taken straight through into the A&E ward, where I am again check Blood Pressure, Temperature, Pulse, Heart, Blood sugar level and also take 4 vials of blood for extensive blood test. They then take another ECG. once that is completed I then have a text from Gervase to say Pauline has let him know and he is at the hospital and will be with me in a minute. It is now 12.00 and the chest pains are all but gone. Anyway I soon send Gervase back home to Leanne, as they have to take the dog for an MRI scan later today as it is not looking good. so Gervase sees that I am OK and off he goes and I am left until 4.45 before I get visited by one the duty Doctor,s.

Cardiac Enzymes
He said that he and his colleague are convinced it is not a heart problem, although the ECG does show an irregular heartbeat it is no different than the one taken when I had the Reveal Monitor fitted. however one of the blood test came back positive showing a slight Elevation in the Cardiac "CK" Enzyme, which could be a sign of Heart muscle damage so I would need to have another blood test done at 7.00 which is about 12 hours after the onset of chest Pains.

At that point I am transferred out of A&E and down to the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU). Red ward and put into an en-suite room to await the MAU Doctor. he comes and see.s me and explains he is the duty cardiologist and that they will take another blood test at 7.30 and then depending on the result they will decide what course of action if any to take. at 6.45 they come and take the blood test and then they bring round breakfast and coffee
 I have not slept much and it is to noisy with the cleaners and the ward activity to sleep now, anyway Pauline packed a couple of puzzle books last night for me, so that passe the time. at 9.30 the Cardiologist comes back and also a Neurologist, and although the Cardiac CK levels are still elevated all other aspects ( like the Trops) are within acceptable ranges and it is decided that the heart muscle weakness is down to the Myositis and not any heart disease, and that the chest pains were due to me overtiring the muscles yesterday, so there we are it was as I thought all along "Acid Reflux" although quite severe, they have increased my Lansoprazole for 4 weeks and I have to contact my GP for further Medication to help control it.

anyway all the Paperwork is completed and I am discharged to the "Discharge Lounge" where my Sister "Eileen and Chris" collect me at 12.30 and bring me home and now it is time to catch up on some dinner and sleep so until tomorrow I will sat Bye Bye.

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