Thursday, April 26, 2012

Limpys day out.

♬ ♫♪♫♬ Didn't we have a lovely time. ♬ ♫♪♫♬ 
On a Thursday out with Limpy.
Wind in her hair, Pushing my chair
Oops a Daisy, Drives me crazy,

♬ ♫♪♫♬  looping the loop, for lunch we had soup,♬ ♫♪♫♬
When shopping for food in Tesco.
It was on the way home, when she started to moan
As the wheel,s went round........... 

A Day out down town shopping with Pauline.

Pauline with the Taxi.
Ok so here we go then with todays Journal, mind you this could be the last one I write once Pauline see,s this, Mind you I will deny all Knowledge of it and swear that my  google account was hacked and it was her partner Gordon that wrote It. LOL.
In all honesty though it has been a really good day today, thanks to Pauline who puts up with me twice a week.
Right after all the regular things that get carried out in the morning such as texting Pauline, the Visit by my Carer, breakfast etc, Pauline arrives at 11.00 am with the taxi to take me shopping down town.

Once we  get the Wheelchair in the taxi we are on our way and the taxi driver who is one of the regulars drops us off at the Post office in slindon street, by the entrance to the precinct. once the wheel chair is out of the Taxi Pauline goes to post a couple of letters and then we head of into Wilkinson,s as Pauline needs to get some bits and pieces for Misty.
Wilkinson,s at the Precinct, Portsmouth.
We are in wilkinson,s and Pauline gets the bits and Pieces that she wants and then we are out into the precinct, and the next stop is the bank, as I need to get some money out of the ATM so that I can do the shopping that I need.
My bank in the Portsmouth shopping Precinct
The weather is not that good today, it is very windy, and a lot of cloud with a few showers of rain, so we are dodging the showers although they are few and far between, Once I have finished my transaction at the bank, we make our way down the precinct, pass the fountain as Pauline wants to have a look in one of the shoe shops,
The Fountain, Portsmouth Precinct
Well it is not over busy today as you can see by the Photo of the fountain although as we get down the precinct nearer to the market stalls it then becomes a little more crowded, The shoe shop Pauline wants to look in is called the " shoe Zone" I had never heard of them, just goes to show how often I buy shoes, also I always tend to go to "Clark,s". anyway The shoe zone is not that wheelchair friendly so although I go in I am soon back outside waiting for Pauline.
Market Day in Commercial road Precinct, portsmouth.
Pauline arrives back outside, and then we make our way over by the Halifax and then on into Tesco to get the food shopping, pauline has a few items to get and I need to get the items for my dinner,s for tonight, Friday and saturday, and then hopefully gervase will take me shopping on Sunday to either Asda or Morrisons. While I was outside the Shoe Zone waiting for Pauline I took a photo of the Market stalls and the people in the Precinct.

Once we get to Tesco, Pauline goes to get a small trolley, but there are none available so she gets a Basket, so I Wheel the wheelchair and Pauline Limps around with the Basket, although Pauline,s Knee is still giving her trouble, I think it is on the mend slowly, so I try and wheel or Walk and push the wheel chair as much as I can to give her a break, anyway we are halfway through getting what we need when we decide to get a spot of Lunch in the cafeteria, they have our favourite Mushroom soup today, so that is what we have, then pauline goes to get the coffee,s and also a piece of "Lemon Drizzle cake to share between the two of us.

Pauline with the coffee and Cake.
Yum, Yum, Coffee and Cake in Tesco Cafeteria
Once we have finished lunch we complete the shopping and then go outside and get the Taxi back home. Once indoors we get my shopping put away and I make the coffee and we sit and have a chat, Pauline is going to take my Laundry with her today so we go and get that into a bag and then it is time for Pauline to head home and hopefully rest her knee.
so that is the end of a very good day today, I have felt really good and am so thankful to Pauline for all the help she gives me and she has a good sense of humour as well, which is good as she has to put up with me, like today, the wheelchair developed a Squeak, as it was moving, so there I am happily singing " Squeak, Squeak, the oiling you gave to me", as we go around the shops, so she really deserves a medal.

So It is now turned 5.00 O'Clock and I am running late with this Journal today, So I need to get it completed and Posted to my blog, before I sort out dinner for tonight and get ready for Gervase who will be round to see me on his way home from work about 6.30 pm. so until Tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.


  1. Several issues that need to be addressed today Frankie- you are pushing your luck haha hehe LOL

    I think you and Gordon are in cahoots - the "stick" I get from the pair of you.... I think I must be due some 'royalties'
    I didn't mind you calling me " Limpy" BUT you said you would push ME in the wheelchair today -promises,promises.

    I gave you the biggest 'half' of the cake - ain't I good! It was yummy though. Your turn next week aanndd I'm having a whole piece to myself!

    Ooohhh - ain't you 'posh' - "I go to Clarks for my shoes". So did I until I became an OAP lol!

    We must get some oil for that wheelchair ( mind you it only started 'squeaking' since you put some weight on!

    Have written this to make you chuckle --- we do have lots of laughs when we go out don't we (just as well I'm thickskinned as well as bossy)!
    Keep up the good work xxxx Pauline

  2. I never push my luck. Only the best for my feet (now I have Raynaud's) I am also having a whole portion of cake to myself with a portion of double cream AAAhhhhhh Cream.
    Certainly do make our shopping trips fun, normally at your expense, must learn to behave my self and not embarrass you. " Naaaaaaaaa"