Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Thursday Jaunt.

A Later Bedtime.
And another Thursday is upon us, Easter is creeping ever nearer as tomorrow is Good Friday. It was a decent nights sleep again, perhaps it is going to bed later that is helping as I went at 11.30 last night instead of 10.00 so will try that again tonight and see how it goes." well that is the plan anyway"

Well as I said a good nights sleep and woke at 6.30 so lazed around in bed for an 90 minutes. don't really want to get up today as the weather is really crap, Dull, wet and cold but Amanda will be here soon so need to get up and have the morning coffee before she gets here.

I Need My Morning Coffee
Coalition Government in disguise
 So I go into the kitchen and get the coffee made and then into the lounge to watch the Breakfast news on TV. The news this morning is about all the tax changes taking effect from tomorrow, the start of the new financial year, as usual it is the under privileged and the Pensioners that suffer the most, My Pension went up, and my Pension credits went down so I am no better of this year than I was last year, as my final pension increase is well below the rate of inflation, and there are working mums on there that will be better of going back on benefits and Unemployment. How does that help the country. ?

Breakfast Today.( Stock Photo)
However that is beside the point, amanda arrives at 8.45 and she tells me that she is off all next week so I will have to arrange for the care company to make sure I get a carer here by 9.00 am on a tuesday and thursday because of Doctor on Tuesday morning for blood tests and Optician on Thursday morning. once Amanda has finished and on her way I get myself another coffee and some scrambled egg and toast for breakfast.

The next thing once breakfast is over is to text Pauline to let her know all is OK.  pauline phones back to say she will be round about 11.15 as she will collect my Prescription and Medication on the way round to me . so I get a shave and get dressed ready for Pauline,s arrival and then watch some TV and check my emails and Facebook and put some cartoons on Pinterest.

Pauline arrives at 11.20 and I make a coffee and then we decide we will take a stroll with the wheelchair down Goldsmith avenue to Lidl and see what we can get from there and so I walk half way there pushing the wheelchair and then Pauline pushes me the other half. once we are there Pauline gets a trolley and I wheel my way around the store and we buy a few things that we need like Yoghurts, Pork chops and toilet rolls.
Lidl Portsmouth Goldsmith Avenue.
A Laughing Shopper.
Now talking about Toilet rolls I did think about buying what was advertised as " 100% Recycled Toilet Rolls " Now did they mean that the toilet rolls were recycled or that they were made from Recycled Paper ? I said to Pauline that the thing that put me off buying them was the little brown specks on the toilet rolls LOL. The shop was quite busy and people were laughing out loud at that remark, I do like to make people happy.

Once we were out of Lidl we made our way along Goldsmith avenue to the Tesco Express and got a couple of items from there and also got a sandwich for lunch, I then pushed the wheelchair laden with the shopping back round the corner to home.
Once indoors we got the shopping put away and then I made a coffee and we had lunch. Pauline then sorted out some of my washing to take home and then I got a Taxi for her to go home and went for a lie down.

Gervase has Just arrived so I will have to get this blog finished and Posted and then I can spend an hour or so chatting with him. I certainly have overdone things today so will be taking it easy for the rest of the evening. so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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