Sunday, April 1, 2012

not a good Sunday

Bloody Acid reflux.
Hello one and all and welcome to the first day of April, the weather here is really sunny but not as warm as it has been, but at least the sun is out. I must say that I was pleased to see the dawn today as I had a really crap night last night, just could not get to sleep due to a lot of acid reflux, just could not bring it under control. so was up and down all night with Heart burn, Burping and flatulence, I must make a note not to eat food containing red peppers, I knew this but thought "what the hell" and now have "paid the price".

Anyway as I said the weather here is really great so I get a nice cup of tea made and make some Porridge for breakfast and then settle down with the laptop and wait for the carer. The carer arrives at about 9.30 and is a new girls she is very pleasant and soon has me washed and groomed and I then get back to the laptop and take a screenshot of Portsmouth Harbour from the live webcam.
Portsmouth harbour.
Flaming Keyboard.
Here is how Portsmouth was looking at 9.50 this morning, anyway phone Pauline and she is still under the weather, so she is having a rough time of it at the moment, still Gordon is looking after her and is out with Misty on the common for the morning walk. The other problem I have is that my Raynaud's is flaring in my fingers today so not much typing on the keyboard today I don't think, so am wearing gloves, It is bloody awkward typing with gloves on.

Gervase phones to see if I am ok, he is going to come round at 2.00 to take me shopping at Asda, as Pauline probably will still be recovering on Tuesday so i need to get food etc to take me through the week to Thursday. So at 1.00 I get some chicken soup and crisp bread for lunch and then get changed for when Gervase arrive about 2.00, well the Acid reflux has abated and the Raynaud's seems to be going so that is OK but what a crap morning that was. and just as promised at 2.00 Gervase arives.
I am all ready so he gets the wheelchair into the car and off we go. He was saying that he had no trouble getting petrol today and filled up at the garage just round the corner from where he lives.

We get to Asda and it is not to busy, anyway I walk around the store pushing the wheelchair and we get what we want, I have got a nice fillet of fish for dinner tonight which I will have with some mashed Potato, Cauliflower and Broccoli, all served up with a nice cheese sauce. anyway about 10 min,s before we have finished our shopping I get into the wheelchair and propel my self along while Gervase pushes the trolley, as the legs are starting to feel a bit heavy. Once we have paid and got everything in the car we make our way back home via the seafront.
Southsea Sea front.
well we get home and it is turned 3.00 so gervase gets everything out the car and I make a coffee, we have a chat and Gervase makes his way home and I get settled with the Laptop and get this blog written, it is now 5.10 and i am just about to get this Journal posted and then get Dinner started, so now that everything seems to have calmed down, and the sun is still shining I will say Tatty Bye until tomorrow.

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