Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Last day of March.

Portsmouth Harbour at 10.22 Today.
Love that Reflux.
Here we are on the last day of March. After a week of warm weather, Sunshine and Blue skies March leaves us with a drop in temperature, Grey skies and a very dull outlook for the beginning of April. the plus side of all this is that I had a better nights sleep last night so woke about 6.30 full of the joys of spring and acid reflux LOL. whenever I get this acid Reflux it reminds me of the words to the Fortunes hit from the 1960,s "Here it comes again that Feeling, Here it comes again"

What day is it ?
As usual I make a coffee after lazing in bed until 7.30 and make my way to the lounge. The News is much the same, at the moment every time I put on the TV for the Breakfast news it seems like I am in the Film "Groundhog Day" Every day seems the same perhaps i should leave of the TV and the Internet for a week and see if it changes, although within a day I would be having withdrawal symptoms. It was bad enough giving up Caffeine.

I Love Music.
Anyway enough of this joviality, I decide to give the News a miss this morning and put on the radio "Classic FM" to get a bit of culture into my life, I have a wide diversity of Music from  Puccini, Gershwin, and all classical through Rogers and Hammerstein , Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal. so I listen to the Radio until the carer turns up at 9.00. It is mick Today, it should have been Guys weekend but he is on 24 hour call this weekend due to staff shortages.

Poor pauline with her cold.
Once Mick has me washed and groomed he is on his way and I get another coffee and some Wheatabix for breakfast and then once I have finished I get Dressed and then Text Pauline. Pauline phones back about 10.15 and is still full of cold so she will not be doing to much, she asks if I need Gordon to come round and get any shopping but I am OK for supplies so no Problem and anyway my Son Gervase will be round tomorrow. so we will probably get down the shops then and get some shopping in as It is possible Pauline will still have this cold on Tuesday and I cant afford to catch it or I will be laid up as well.

Once Pauline hangs up I get back on the Computer and also put the TV over to watch a film " King Solomon's Mines" with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone. This is the 1985 version filmed in Zimbabwe. I have seen it several times but still enjoy it.
1985 Film " King Solomon's Mines"
at 2.00 I decide to get some lunch and today I have some Mackerel fillets in Olive Oil with a couple of Crisp bread and very nice it was as well, it gets that Omega 3 into the body. I do like fish and have tinned fish twice a week and also fresh fish twice a week, as I rarely eat red meat, mainly Chicken or Turkey and I do love Pasta and Vegetable

Once Lunch is over I settle down to get this blog written. Portsmouth are playing at home at Fratton Park Today, the Match kicks off at 3.00 so I will follow that on the live web text from Fratton Park" it is run by the Local evening Paper. anyway at 4.10 the score is Pompey 1 Burnley 2 so it looks like another defeat for pompey is on the cards. Oh well I think it is time to get this Journal posted and then go for an afternoon nap before dinner at about 6.30 tonight, a chicken hotpot tonight, very tasty. so until tomorrow and the start of a new month I will say Bye Bye.

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