Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its rhyme time again.

Good day to one and all, it has been a very quiet, nondescript day today, so I thought I would take the opportunity to write todays Journal in Rhyme, as tomorrow will be a hectic day of going down into the City Centre with Pauline. so here goes folks and sorry if it bores you :.

A day in the life of Frank :

Last night it was, at half past ten.
I went to bed, laid down and then.
Fell fast asleep, I did not snore.
And slept , and slept, and slept some more.

I woke up once, at half past four.
And put my feet down on the floor.
The sky was Black, it was not Blue.
So out of bed, and to the loo.

Went back to bed, and off to sleep.
Heard not a sound, heard not a peep.
I slept quite well, and it was great.
But did not wake, Till half past Eight.

Oh My, Oh Dear, I'm running late.
This will not do, this is not great.
Amanda will be here quite soon.
I must not panic, leave the room.

Into the lounge, Now I must go.
A coffee in my hand and so.
Amanda comes at eight fifty.
And on her bike, is quite nifty.

Amanda soon, is on her way.
She will return, another day.
Text pauline now, and let her know.
That I am well, and on the go.

Pauline phones back, and all is well.
She is grooming misty, I can tell.
For walkies, on the common soon.
She wants to get it done by noon.

So breakfast now, a wholesome deed.
Scrambled egg on toast, is what I need.
A cup of tea, to wash it down.
Now must get out of my Dressing Gown

Now that is better, shaved and dressed.
I even went and changed my vest.
And now to settle down and see.
What I can watch, on my TV.

So many channels, for to choose.
I think that I will watch the news.
Got bored with that, by half past Ten.
Computer on, e-mails and then.

Now on to face book I will go.
Now who is on, who do I know.
These Facebook games, they pass the time.
And stop me going, of my mind.

Now back to watch, some more TV.
What programs on, that I can see.
It's Diagnosis Murder now.
And Dick Van Dyke solves it, Somehow.

It's time for lunch at ten to two.
And smoked Haddock, is what I'll do.
It.s quick to do, and ready soon.
And now to face the afternoon.

Now Family history research I do.
To find out where, and how, and who.
My ancestors went far and wide.
But from me, they cannot hide.

Skeletons in cupboards, found.
And some of them, they went to ground.
But now the time is  nearly Three.
Time for another cup of tea.

The weather now has turned out fine.
And really is, not before time.
But now to watch some more TV.
Before I think about my tea.

The afternoon is going by, and now it's nearly four.
Must go and get the rubbish bagged, and put outside the door
And then this Journal, must be done, and posted on my blog.
And out in my back garden, I have just seen a frog.

Well now it's time to up and go, and do the washing up.
I have a couple of plates to clean, and also a small tea cup.
I hope I have not bored you, with this rhyming day of mine.
And for those of you that read it, I thank you for your time.

And remember, whatever the Problem or the Illness

So until tomorrow when sanity returns I will say adios.

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