Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Relaxing Wednesday

Shopping with Pauline.
And here we are on another Wednesday, Wednesday is like a Sandwich, it is a day inserted between two busy days. Tuesday is the weekly supermarket shop and Thursday is the trip down to the city centre for other shopping, Bill paying and other assorted Tasks, both Tuesday and Thursday are only possible thanks to the help from Pauline. and then Friday is the Methotrexate day "Yucky".

Fratton Park

It was a good nights sleep last night, had a nice time at Asda with pauline, enjoyed my Dinner of Baked Sea Bass with Mash Potato, Cauliflower and Broccoli, with a cheese sauce, and then went down to see Gervase and leanne in the Evening, Leanne,s dad dave gave me a lift home at 9.00 and to top it all Portsmouth won the soccer match with Birmingham at Fratton Park Pompey 4 Birmingham 1. It must have been a good game as Fratton Park is just over the other side of Goldsmith Avenue from me and I could here the crowd singing at the end of the match

So I am up and Amanda has been, I have sent the morning text to Pauline, and now it is time to get Breakfast, I am having Kellogg,s Breakfast Biscuits this morning with a Banana and also an Asda Greek Yoghurt so a healthy breakfast I think. anyway once breakfast is over I get dressed and then Pauline phones to say she is out on the common with Misty and it is nice and sunny although a bit misty over the Solent, but that should soon clear. after Pauline,s phone call it is time to settle down with a coffee and check the emails and Facebook.

It is a nice Sunny day so I am out in the Back room which is also my bedroom and am sat there in the sun with the back door open. It is 9.30 in the morning and the sun is shining brightly, the sky is blue and the temperature is 9⁰C. the picture below is taken at 9.30 this morning at the live web cam at Portsmouth harbour and Gunwharf
Portsmouth at 9.30 Today.

Chancellor George Osborne.
And Now the morning is going along and approaching lunch time at 1.00 pm. What to have today is the problem, looked in the fridge and there are two eggs there which need to be used by friday so that decides lunch for me "Scrambled egg on toast" so that is OK, so I get that done and take it to the front room and enjoy that with a cup of Tea. The TV is being taken over by the Chancellor George Osborne, presenting his Budget today, so that is interesting as it will determine peoples living standards over the next year, at the moment it looks like the rich will be better off and the Poor and Elderly worse of so nothing new there.
Sitting here listening to the budget discussions is very confusing, I think I should really see if there is a decent film on one of the channels.

My M&S Vouchers.
Anyway there were two nice surprises for me today number 1 was when the postman came and knocked the door with a recorded delivery letter. Now this surprised me as I was not expecting any Recorded Items, However Looking at the Envelope it was from Sky TV company, so thought it may have been a problem with my direct debit or something, anyway I opened it and it was 2 X £25.00 Marks and Spencer Gift vouchers, a reward for signing up with Sky TV,Broadband and Phone, "Whoooopeeeeee"

Canoe Lake.Southsea (Stock Photo).
The second nice surprise was to receive a text from Leanne saying that her mum would like to see me before she goes on her cruise at easter so would I like to go out somewhere next Wednesday afternoon and have a coffee and a chat. so as long as the weather is nice next Wednesday we are going to go down to the Tenth Hole Cafe at Canoe lake at Southsea Seafront for tea and cake. so will look forward to that and hope the weather is warm and sunny that day.

Well it is now 3.00 pm and I think I will see if there are any decent films showing on TV this afternoon so I will get this journal posted and say Tatty Bye until tomorrow.

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  1. Scrambled eggs again and vouchers, forgot my shot last nignt so I have to drop my drwawers now!
    Hoping a daytime injection will be OK, very good last time, funny the double dose seems easier than the smaller one?????