Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Very Warm Spring Saturday.

Wakey, Wakey.
Good morning one and all and welcome to a very Sunny and warm Portsea Island here on the south coast of the UK. I woke this morning to another fine Sunny day, it was only 7.00 am but the sun was already streaming through the window, so as it was to nice to stay in bed.
I went to the kitchen to get a coffee and a packet of "Kellogg,s Breakfast Biscuits" and a Snack pot of Peaches in Fruit Juice as it was to warm for porridge, and went into the lounge to watch the morning news on TV and wait for the Carer.

Newspaper Headlines.
Not a lot on the News today, same old rubbish, going on about the Budget, and how it will affect the Pensioners, the Papers have tagged it the " Granny Tax" There is a big backlash against the government over this, as they have dropped the 50p in the pound tax rate for high earners to  45p in the pound so the rich get richer and the pensioners get poorer.

Anyway back to today. While waiting for the carer, I decide to check the emails and facebook and visit the live webcam at Gunwharf Quays to capture the image of Portsmouth Dockyard and the Spinnaker Tower on this bright Sunny day, they do say that the temperature is set to rise to 18⁰C today. the average for this time if the year is 10⁰C.
Portsmouth Harbour 8.45 Today.
The Carer comes at 9.30 and it is Mick, so we have a chat, he has had to walk from the other road as there is a furniture van blocking the road and he cannot turn round as he is in a one way system, anyway he gets me washed and groomed and then is on his way.
I give pauline a text to let her know all is Ok and she and Gordon are out with Misty on the common, and although there is a bit of a breeze it is very pleasant and warm in the sun and it is only 10.00, also there are a lot of people heading down to the beach at Southsea, the favourite for sun bathers is the "Hot Walls" at old Portsmouth.
The Hot Walls, Old Portsmouth. UK.
The Hot walls is part of the Historic Fortifications and is so called because facing south the walls get very hot from the sun in the summer and is a very good sun trap. in the height of summer the beach here is packed with sun worshippers.

It is getting very warm and sunny here so once I have finished checking the emails and facebook I decide to make another coffee and go and sit out in the back room with the door open to get some fresh air, I can listen to the radio and set up my Facebook Time Line as it is going over to that for everyone from next weekend.
It is very pleasant sat out here in the back room, The time line is not that complicated than goodness, although I will reserve judgment on that until I have been using it for a while.
My back yard is a very good Sun Trap and it is to warm outside for me at the moment, the temperature in the back yard is 25⁰C that is 75⁰F and it is only 11.30,but it is pleasant just sat inside the back door looking out into the Yard.
The view through my back door into the Yard.
Time for a Cat Nap
At 1.00 I decide to get some lunch so a Cream cheese Sandwich, hot Cross bun and a Mango in Custard snack pot all washed down with a cup of tea is just what I needed and at 2.30 it is time for a lie down for an hour so that is what I do. That will take me through until 3.30 and then it will be into the lounge to write todays Journal and to watch the Movie on ITV which starts at 3.45 todays Movie is called "Land of the lost"

Land of the lost is a American Science Fiction comedy Film made in 2009 and starring Will Ferrel, Danny McBride and Anna Friel.
well this is not a very long Journal today, I have been resting and enjoying the Sunshine and hopefully the good weather will continue tomorrow, if so I will have a chance to go out with my son in his car  for an hour or so, if that is the case I will take the camera and hopefully get some good photographs. The only other thing left to do is to check how Pompey are doing with there soccer match against Coventry. we are playing away today and at 4.35 with 10 minutes of the match left Portsmouth are Losing 1.0 Oh well Next week perhaps.
So all that is left to say is that the Clocks go " Forward One Hour Tonight " as it is the start of British summertime so until tomorrow I will say................ Adios until tomorrow when it will be .........................

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  1. We already leaped forward here in Canada, today I want to go to Cuba ,the temperature dropped suddenly back down to normal at 1C, very chilly.

    Our conservative gov, as awful as your, cut the pensions , but big problem the biggest voting group are boomers getting ready to retire.