Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Return of the rain.

Portsmouth at 8.00 am Today.
Wet and Windy Sunday

Today it is Wet, Wet, Wet. woke this morning to the sound of the raindrops hitting the window, it looks like it is going to be a very damp and dismal day today, although the weathermen do say that it is going to get drier at some point this afternoon.

Well at least I slept pretty well last night , was awake at 3.00 am for the bathroom but apart from that slept through from about 11.00 until 7.30 so not to bad. so at 8.00 I get up and make a coffee and then go into the lounge to watch the soccer highlights on TV until "Guy" the carer arrives.

Trainee Carer,s
He gets here today about 8.40 and has a trainee with him, the care company seem to be taking on a lot of extra staff at the moment, probably due to the change that is taking place within the Adult social care at Portsmouth City Council. Anyway it does not take Guy long to get me washed and groomed and away he goes with the trainee and I get another coffee and some wheatabix for breakfast.

That is breakfast over with, so another hot coffee and then to settle down with the laptop and the Scanner as I have some old photo,s of Gervase that I want to scan in and also I need to get on and do some more family history research, I am looking at my late wife,s maternal family " The Hamer,s , who originally came from Montgomeryshire, Wales. so that is an interesting line to follow as I know that at one stage in the past they were in a "Work House". in Newton Montgomeryshire.
Newton Work House.
The time is now approaching 12.00 and it is time to turn of the laptop and watch one of my favorite Films which is on TV it is a 1994 film called " Baby's day out". I have done well with the family history research so pleased with that, and will get a couple of crisp bread and some cream cheese for lunch, and then Gervase is coming round at about 1.30.

Baby's Day Out 1994
OK so Gervase turns up at about 1.10, It is still raining so decide it is better to stay in today, however Gervase goes round to Tesco Express to get me some milk and Fruit drink and also I ask him to get me a "Mars Bar" and also a packet of "Smokey Bacon Crisps" well I feel like a treat today.

Gervase and Leanne.
Gervase gets my shopping and then we have a nice chat about everything and anything, it is nice to see him, he has had a busy weekend as he and Leanne  has had the three dogs  round at their house this weekend from leanne,s mum Elaine, so they have had a house full of 6 cats and three dogs, anyway they are taking the dogs back this afternoon, so at 3.00 Gervase makes his way home to ferry the dogs back to Elaine,s

well that was a nice afternoon spent with Gervase.  So now the Rain has stopped and it is looking a little brighter so hopefully the weather will be nicer again this week.
I have just taken a screen shot from the live web cam at Langstone Marina, showing how much brighter the weather is here now, compared to this morning.

Langstone Marina today at 3.30.
Well the time is now 3.30 and I am getting engrossed in the "Alvin and the Chipmunks" Movie on channel 4 so I am going to get this Journal posted and then settle down to watch the last hour with my Mars Bar and packet of crisp,s, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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