Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another busy Thursday.

Hi, Ho, And here we go. another day dawns and it is going to be a busy couple of hours down town today I think. Had a good nights sleep last night, went to bed at 10.00 and slept through until 6.30 so a good 7 to 8 hours sleep. although the Sun is not yet out it looks like it is going to be a nice day today, so hopefully it will be warm enough to have a coffee and snack at the Espresso  Bar in the Market today. Here is what it looked like looking out over Langstone Harbour from Eastney Marina this Morning at 10.00. picture captured from the Live Webcam.
Langstone Harbour at 10.00 today.
Ready to be washed and groomed.
Anyway back to the present time. as I said i woke at 6.30 so made a coffee and took back to bed and watched the TV in bed until 8.00 when I made another coffee and took into the lounge to await the Arrival of my Carer Amanda. While waiting I watch the Morning Breakfast show on BBC1 until Amanda arrives at 8.45. She is happy that it is Thursday and she has only one more day until the weekend, anyway it does not take her long to get me washed and Groomed and then she is away on her bike to her next client.

Check the e-mails
So Now to text pauline and let her know that all is OK here and then go and get some porridge for Breakfast. Pauline phones back and she is just out to take Misty for her Morning walk and she is going to book a Taxi for 10.45 and then we will go down to the City Centre precinct to the shops and Market. So I now need to check the emails, Online banking and Facebook and then at 10.00 have a shave and then get dressed ready for when Pauline arrives with the Taxi.

Right that is me all done and ready for when Pauline arrives, I have the wheelchair ready to go and al the other bits and pieces, as I need to return a pair of trousers to BHS for a smaller size, and also get another key cut and some other bits and pieces of shopping. True to form Pauline arrives with the taxi at 10.55 and we are soon in and off down town, it is one of the regular drivers today so he knows where we like to be taken to so that makes life easier, anyway by 11.10 we arrive in the city centre at the Arundel street entrance to the precinct.

So the first thing we need to do is to go to British Home Stores in the Cascades Shopping Arcade and return and Exchange the trousers so off we go, that all went smoothly apart from the fact that I tried to be clever by using my walking stick to push the lift buttons from the wheelchair and go in a right pickle but got there in the end.
Cascades Shopping Centre, Portsmouth
Eccles Cakes
 Once we are out of British Home stores we make our way through the cascades to Marks and Spencer, I need to get three or four meals from there to get me over the weekend until Tuesday when we go and do the next shopping. we have a look around the food hall and I get 4 nice healthy meals and also get some Eccles Cakes, these are not any Eccles Cakes these are butter pastry M&S Eccles Cakes, it is so nice to be able to eat these kind of things once again. I love Eccles Cakes.
Once we have finished in M&S it is getting on for 12.10 so time for a Pasty and coffee at the Espresso bar, the sun is out so we can sit out in the Sunshine and enjoy the Hustle and Bustle of the Market as we have our lunchtime Snack. there are a lot of people out and about today enjoying the nice weather so we stay there for about thirty minutes and then make our way towards Tesco, stopping on the way to get a Key Cut. The market is always a busy and interesting place to visit, it is in the Precinct every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Commercial Road Market, Portsmouth.
Well we get to Tesco and I decide to walk around and use the wheelchair as a walker and get some exercise, so off we go, I have not got to get to much, just things like Bin Bags, fruit snack pots, soap  etc so we get those it takes about thirty minutes and then we are out and I phone the Taxi to take us back home. 
Taxi for pauline
Once back home I make the coffee,s and we get the shopping put away, pauline is taking my Laundry with her today so we get that into the bag and then I phone for a taxi to take Pauline back home as it is now 2.15.
Once pauline has left for home I settle down with a Coffee and an Eccles Cake to watch yesterdays recorded episode of "Little House on the Prairie". Once that is over it is getting on for 3.30 so I am running late with the Journal today so need to get this finished and posted and then watch Pointless on BBC1, before getting Dinner "Chicken Casserole with Herb Dumplings" tonight. It has been a really great day today, so until tomorrow I will say Adios

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  1. Eccles Cakes, I just love them too, those look delicious, mouth watering!