Thursday, March 8, 2012

It is Down Town Today.

Time to rise and shine.
Well another decent nights sleep and I am up and raring to go Well I am up anyway. Went to bed about 10.30 last night and slept through until about 6.00 this morning, as is my usual self took a trip to the Bathroom and then back to bed to listen to the news until I got up at 7.45, to make a coffee and then into the lounge to await the arrival of Amanda.

It is a busy morning in store today as I have the locksmith coming about 10.00 to fix the multi bolt lock to the front door and also hopefully if he is finished within a reasonable time Pauline will come and collect me and we will be going down to commercial road to do a bit of shopping.
Amanda arrives at 8.45 and is in a happy mood. It does not take her long to get me ready for the day and then she is on her way, I get myself some scrambled egg on toast for Breakfast and then get a shave and get dressed before the locksmith is due.

Mr Locksmith
The locksmith arrives at 10.10 and proceeds to strip the temporary lock of and to fit the replacement multi bolt lock, 20 minutes into the job he finds that he has left a part of it back at the depot, so frantically phones to get someone to bring it out to him. The part eventually arrives at about 10.40 so Job back on, anyway he finally gets the job finished by  11.10 so phone pauline and she will be here about 11.30 to go down to the city centre, So pay the Locksmith and he is on his way, "Job Done"

Once the Locksmith has left it is only a matter of minutes before Pauline arrives with the Taxi, the driver gets the wheelchair into the cab and we are on our way down to the Commercial road precinct. The weather is quite nice cloudy but with some sunshine and also getting warmer. However we have a couple of letters to Post so get the Taxi to drop us off at the back of Debenham,s where we have access to the precinct and it is right outside the main Post Office in Slinden street.
Portsmouth Precinct from Slinden Street

Once we are here Pauline pops over to the Post office to post the letters and then we make our way into the precinct and around to Debenham,s where I have to go in and pay my Debenham,s account. It is awkward for pauline to push the wheel chair as her right hand is still in the healing process, so she is using her left hand, so I self propel most of the time if it is through doorways or slopes or rough area, it is ok on the smooth for Pauline. I keep telling her "I am going to start looking for a new model" LOL.
Debenham store Commercial Road Precinct, Portsmouth

Once we have been in Debenham,s we make our way along the precinct to Boots the Chemist, I need to go in and get a couple of items in there and then we decide that we will go and get a coffee and a sausage roll at the Expresso coffee bar in the precinct as it is Market day today so we can see what the stalls have got to offer today, anyway we are soon at boots the Chemist.
Boots the Chemist, The Precinct Portsmouth

Once we are out of boot,s we have a wander around the market stalls as we make our way to the Expresso Coffee bar, we find a table and Pauline goes to get the coffee and Sausage rolls, It is quite pleasant sat here in the sunshine, and I am amazed at the amount of people out today with there mobility scooters. I had thought about one but I do not intend to rely on wheels 100% of the time so the wheelchair suits me fine.
The Expresso Coffee bar, Portsmouth Market,

Well we enjoyed the coffee and Sausage roll sat out in the sun and now we need to head to Tesco to get a couple of Items before getting the Taxi back home. so off we go, it is not busy in Tesco today, so I think the new morrisons must be making an impact, anyway we soon get the bits we need , I propel the wheelchair and Pauline pushes a small shopping trolly one handed "Oh the joys of shopping" however we get to the checkout, pay and then make our way outside and phone City Wide Taxi,s to get a cab home.
Tesco Crasswell Street , Portsmouth.

On Facebook again
Anyway it is not long before the Taxi arrives and we load up the Wheelchair and the shopping and off we go. the driver is one of the regulars so know where to go and once home the shopping is put away and the coffee is made. At 2.20 Pauline gets her taxi and makes a move home and I settle down to the TV and facebook so it is a quiet afternoon.
It is now 4.50 so I need to get this Journal Posted and then settle down to pointless on TV at 5.25 and at 6.00 It will be time to get dinner, Roast chicken and 3 veg tonight, so until tomorrow I will say Good bye.

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