Friday, March 9, 2012

!!Oh No!! Friday again.

Freaky Friday.

The one thing about Friday that I really do not enjoy is that it is the day for the Methotrexate. It is not that It has a big effect on me, it is that it makes me feel "Yucky" for a few hours afterwards and also it seems to make me feel tired and lethargic for the weekend, but come Sunday afternoon I start to buck up a bit and by the time Monday comes I am starting to feel a lot more like my old self, apart from the restricted mobility. that is why I came up with the name "Freaky Friday".

However It was a good nights sleep last night and I was up at 7.30 this morning, and got the first couple of coffee,s inside me and then settled in front of the TV in the lounge with my Porridge which after laughing at (Christine Burrows Blog) "There is a link on the left" ended up down the front of my clothes,  However I watched the news and waited for Amanda the carer to arrive.

Happy Amanda.

Amanda arrives at about 8.40 and is full of the 'Joys of Spring" as it is friday and she has the weekend off, so it will probably be "Mick" as the carer this weekend, anyway she gets me washed and groomed and is on her way, I text pauline to let her know that all is Ok and then settle down to go through the Family History photo archives that I have collected.

It is always interesting looking through the old Photographs of the family in years gone by, anyway I have been looking through the photographs and came across one of my Grandmother (Annie Marie Hubbard) with my Mother and my Aunt. My mother was 16 months old and my Aunt was 7 weeks, this must have been taken in the summer of 1914 as my mother was born in May 1913. What drew me to this photograph was " how did my mother stay like that on the table ? "
Yummy Lunch.
I do not know where the time has gone this morning, but got a lot of work done sorting out the Archive material, but now it is 12.20 and time to get some lunch. I think it will be a light lunch today so I am having a couple of slices of buttered bread with some Brie Cheese I got at Morrisons on Tuesday and will also have a packet of crisps with it. I do like the French Brie, I got a taste for it when I was working for Brittany Ferries in the late 1990,s. anyway that went down well with a nice glass of mineral water, so now for a coffee and a couple of biscuits and then to settle down to watch an old movie on TV.

Coffee is made and it is nearly time for the afternoon movie, todays movie was made in 1962. It a Comedy film staring Norman Wisdom and Jennifer Jayne and is called "On the Beat" it is a really funny film where norman Wisdom plays two Characters. well worth watching, I think the last time I saw it was in the early 1980,s.
On The Beat 1962 film with Norman Wisdom.
I enjoyed that Film and now to get this Journal Published, and then have a bit of a cat nap before doing a bit more family history archive work. I have a lot of scanned images of " Parish records" from around the UK which date from the 1500,s which I need to transcribe into some sense of order so I can go further back with the family tree. so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye for now.

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