Sunday, March 25, 2012

To The Seafront we did go.

So we are now officially in British Summer Time (BST) well I woke at 7.00 this morning and thought that was a nice long sleep until I remembered that the clocks went forward an hour last night so it was really equivalent to 6.00 am. Anyway I have searched high and low, under the bed, in cupboards and drawer,s and even looked in the waste bin but I can't find that lost hour anywhere.
The case of the Missing "British Summer Time" Hour 
Morning Coffee shot.
 Anyway it was 7.00  when I awoke from a decent nights sleep and I decided a coffee was in order so made my way into the kitchen and made the coffee and took it back to bed where I stayed until 8.00  watching the News on the TV. At 8.00 I went and got some Porridge and another coffee and went to the lounge where I carried on watching the News until Mick the carer arrived.

Mick must want to finish early today as he arrives at the front door at 8.30, he said he did not know if that was to early or not but I told him that I am awake by 7.30 and that it is better he is early than late. Anyway we have a chat and a laugh and he gets me washed and groomed and is then on his way to his next client. and I settle down to text Pauline and to watch the Andrew Marr Show on TV.
The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 Sundays at 9.00 am
Facebook Again
   Pauline phones back and lets me know that all is OK. Gordon has taken Misty out for her morning walk and then they are spending the day decorating, I just put the phone down and Gervase rings to say that he will be round today about 1.00 to 1.30 and we can take a trip along southsea sea front seeing as its a nice day, so that will be nice, anyway It is a lovely bright sunny day today, not as warm as yesterday but a trip along the seafront will be just the job. So I now get on the laptop and see who is about on Facebook and check the emails.

The morning has passed very quickly and it is now 12.00 so time for a nice Egg Mayonnaise  Sandwich, A hot cross Bun and a cup of tea and then get ready for when gervase gets here, "Now where are those eggs."
 So lunch is over and I enjoyed that so now for a shave and get changed as Gervase will be here in about 30 minutes. Gervase arrives about 1.30 so we get the wheelchair into the car and off we go to Southsea sea front. it is very busy here today so we decide to park down the Eastney end and them make our way to South Parade Pier. Anyway we park just by the Royal Marine Museum and then make our way along the Promenade.
Entrance to the Royal Marine Museum, Southsea.
 Well we make our way along the promenade, and stop for a nice Ice Cream, it is not as warm here today and there is a bit of a breeze, also there is a sea mist which is obscuring the Isle of Wight, but still pleasant for the time of year. anyway we reach the pier but it has limited access I think they are trying to complete renovation work before the Easter Weekend, anyway we decide that we will make our way back to the car, we have been here foe about an hour and it is funny but everyone is out in there summer wear and/or beach wear and there I am with my fingers white and purple and like blocks of Ice, The dreaded "Raynaud's"
We make our way back to the car and head homewards, it is now getting on for 3.45 so have been out a couple of hours, so a coffee is made, Gervase goes to get me some milk and Coffee from Tesco Express and then makes his way back home to leanne. and I decide that I better get a move on and get todays Journal written and then think about Dinner, so until tomorrow and my Appointment at the Hospital with the Cardiologist I will say Bye Bye.

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