Monday, March 12, 2012

Another weekend over.

Oh Well and here we are again on a Monday, it was not a bad weekend just gone, the weather was nice, and it was restful even though the affects of the Methotrexate was there at least it is bearable, it just makes me feel so lethargic on Friday and Saturday, but Come sunday I start to pick up again so that is some concelation.
However I am disappointed that there are no Politic shows on TV today so I will have to go to UK Gold Channel to watch some comedy shows today.

Ah!! Coffee.
It was a decent sleep again last night so it looks like "Horlicks" at bedtime for me now on then, Went to bed about 11.00 last night and apart from a short period about 2.00 am with some 'Acid Reflux" I slept through until about 7.20 and got up at 8.00 to go into the lounge with a coffee and wait for Amanda to arrive.

Texting Pauline.
Amanda arrives at 8.40 and will be glad when next weekend arrives as they are going away for the weekend. She gets me washed and groomed and then she is on her way to the next client, I get a Banana and Yoghurt for Breakfast with a couple of "Breakfast Biscuits" and another coffee and then text Pauline to let her Know all is OK Here.

Pauline phones back to say she is about to take Misty out for her morning walk on the common and that she and Gordon are Ok so that is all right, so I put on the TV and settle down with the laptop to catch up on the weekends e-mails and also to see who is about on facebook. It is a really nice day out there today, bright sunshine and blue skies, I took a photo of my back yard at 10.00 am this morning showing how sunny it is as it faces South, but must get the garden sorted and planted for the spring/summer.
My Back Garden at 10.00 am Today
My Brother Pat.
Well it has been a good morning so far, took a trip into the rear Garden and it was very warm out there today, must get the garden sorted and Planted up for Summer soon so will have to enlist the aid of Gervase and Leanne for that or my Sister Eileen and "Adopted sister" Chris.
At 11.00 O'clock there is a knock at the front door and it is my brother Pat come to have a coffee with me, I had no idea he was in Portsmouth today but it transpires he had a couple of jobs to do over at the Local B&Q store so thought he would come and have a coffee with me while he was down this way.
Pat was 65 this year and works as a self employed computer engineer, he goes round to commercial premises fixing and upgrading all kinds of computers, points of sales etc. anyway we have a coffee and a nice chat and he stays about an hour and then makes his way to his next job.

Todays lunch.
at 12.45 I decide to get some lunch so decide to have a couple of crisp bread with some cream cheese today. I have this with a cup of tea, and then followed by a "Morrisons" lemon curd yoghurt, these are really rich and tasty I think they are my favourite yoghurts, probably not the healthiest of yoghurts but "what the heck" does not hurt to have a treat now and again.

Well that went down a treat, having trouble with acid reflux today so need to have a couple of Gaviscon Tablets to settle it down, and then watch the 1.00 O'clock news on TV, after that it is get the washing up done, make a coffee and then settle down to watch todays Movie which starts at 2.00 pm on the Movie 24+ Channel. Todays movie is a 2011 made for TV movie called "Metal Tornado" starring  Lou Diamond Phillips and Nicole De Boer.
2011 TV Movie " Metal Tornado"
That was not a bad film and well worth watching, well thats my opinion anyway, but it is now 4.00 and time to get this journal written and Posted before settling down at 5.15 to watch pointless on TV at 5.15.
So it has been a good day today apart from the acid reflux, so will have to make sure I don,t eat any spicy food for a day or two anyway tonight,s dinner is a baked Sea bream fillet with Mash Potato, and cauliflower served up with a cheese sauce, so that will go down easy. so until tomorrow and the visit in the morning to the "Vampire" I will say Bye Bye.

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