Friday, March 30, 2012

Its a better Friday this week." so far "

Hi Ho Same old news, same old weather, same old methotrexate. That was a short journal So until tomorrow I will say Tatty bye.

Losing Marbles
Ha Ha Fooled you, No I am not going Senile or loosing my marbles. it is just that since they upped my Methotrexate from 7.5 mg on a Friday to 15 mg on a friday on the 24th July 2011 I have had a after affect free day so far. perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel we will see how tomorrow goes but fingers crossed so far so good.

Anyway I had a really crap night last night kept waking up and going back to sleep until I eventually settled at about 3.00 am and then woke again about 6.30. Another nice day outside today so got up and made a coffee and some "Kellogg,s Alpen Porridge" and made my way into the lounge. Unlocked the front door and put the rubbish out and saw Jack the next door neighbour, had a chat and then went in and watched the Breakfast news on TV.

There is a terrible story  in the news this morning a woman has suffered 40 degree burns when petrol ignited as she was transferring it between cans in her "KITCHEN" While cooking dinner on her gas stove. I really hope she recovers and feel really sorry for her and her family, 

I just hope that Cameron and the coalition government are proud of themselves for instilling panic buying in the motoring public with there stupid remarks about filling up your cars and "Jerry Cans" as stated by "Francis Maude" the cabinet Secretary.  This has been a total cock up by the Government. I wonder what they would have done when we had the suez crisis, then we had petrol coupons issued.

Relaxing Day.
Anyway that is my thoughts about that for today   so lets get back to the rest of the day, once Amanda has been I get a phone call from Pauline to say that she feels a little better today, but Gordon has not gone to work up in Salisbury as he cannot get any petrol this morning for the car, so he is having a day at home. so I then settle down with facebook and then watch an episode of little house on the prairie until 12.30 when it is time for lunch.

2 egg omelet. (Stock Photo)
So what to have for lunch today, I fancy Ham and eggs, but fried is out of the question and I do not fancy scrambled so it looks like an omelet cooked in the microwave, now where did I put the "Microwave Omelet Maker"   !whoo! !hoo! Found it so all systems go 1 x two egg omelet with wafer thin ham coming up.   That was so good washed down with a cup of tea, can it get any better than this for a Friday.

Medtronic CareLink Monitor.
so now to watch the 1.00 o'clock news on the tv and then into the back room to get some sun and fresh air while I do the daily Journal, I had just settled down to get the Journal started and there is a knock at the front door and it is the courier with the Medtronic carelink monitor to download the recorded ECG on a regular basis down the Phone line to the Hospital all good stuff. I will open it later to read and digest the instructions.  

A nice Vegetable Moussaka.
Anyway It is nice sat her in the back room/come bedroom with the door open and the fresh air streaming in so anyway I will now get this journal finished and then I can think about what to watch on TV tonight, see if there are any decent movies on and also think about what to have for dinner tonight, I have a nice vegetable moussaka in the fridge , it is a ready meal but very tasty and easy to do for a Friday, so an Asda Moussaka it will be.

So there we go that is another day done and dusted and so far it has been a good day so hopefully it will continue like this for the rest of the weekend. so until tomorrow and a predicted change in the weather I will leave off where I came in with a Tatty Bye one and all.      

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