Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a Sunny Shopping Tuesday

When the Sunshine comes through the widows and you can see blue skies, then you know it just has to be a good day ahead. It is another really warm sunny day here in portsmouth and you can see how calm the sea is by the photograph below.
Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf and Portsmouth Harbour.
Portsmouth harbour is a busy sea way approaching Portsmouth dockyard. it not only has the Naval ships going in and out but also the cross channel ferries, the commercial shipping from around the world, the Isle of wight ferries and the gosport ferries, so always something to see if you go to the point at Old Portsmouth or Shopping at Gunwharf Quays.
Gunwharf Quays shopping centre, Portsmouth Harbour.
However back to today, Again I had a decent nights sleep and apart from waking at 3.00 to use the bathroom I slept through until 6.00, then lazed in bed with the laptop and a coffee until 8.00 when I got up and went into the lounge with another coffee and watched the Morning news on TV while I waited for Amanda to arrive. Amanda arrived at 8.40 and it is her 17 th wedding anniversary today, so she is looking forward to going out to dinner tonight, she soon has me washed and groomed and is then on her way, I get some breakfast of a bowl of special K and a snack pot of Prunes " Natures Laxative" and then text Pauline and let her know all is OK.
Pauline phones back to say that her knee is a little better today, she has it strapped up and it is a lot easier, she is about to take Misty out for her Morning walk on the common and she will book a taxi for 11.00 today to pick me up and then we will be off down to Asda to do the weekly shop.
Misty out on the common for her morning walk.
While I am waiting for Pauline I watch yesterday,s episode of little house on the prairie and then get a shave and dressed and then watch a program on Channel 4 called "Food Hospital" Which is about using Food as a medicine, it was quite interesting and gives me "Food" for thought.
The Food Hospital 
Asda at Fratton.
Pauline arrives at 11.10 and the wheelchair is put in the Taxi and we are off to Asda. There is a lot of traffic on the road today, must be the sunshine bringing people down to the coast, anyway we arrive at Asda in Fratton and unload the wheelchair and then we are of into the store to do the shopping.

The Taxi is here.
I decide to walk with the wheel chair to start with so of we go Pauline takes a small shopping trolley and we make our way round Asda getting the Items that we need or want, The thing about Asda (well all shops really) is that everything is geared towards Easter at the moment so items have been moved around so some are not where they usually are, which makes life interesting, anyway it is not over busy here today and by 12.50 we have finished the shopping and paid for it and are back out in the Sunshine waiting for the Taxi to take us back home.

Once back home I make the coffee and we get the shopping put away and then we have a Cornish Pasty each for lunch, before long it is 2.00 and time for Pauline to make her way home so I phone for a Taxi for her and she is on her way, Her Knee certainly has been better today than it was yesterday. So Now it is time to make a nice cup of tea and then get this Journal written and posted for today before I think about dinner for tonight, I got a nice Fresh Sea Bass fillet in a cook-in bag from Asda also some Fresh broccoli  and cauliflower florets so that will be nice with a cheese sauce.

Well that is about it for today folks.I will need to get dinner early tonight as I am going down to see Gervase and Leanne at there house this evening, Leanne,s dad will also be there and he will give me a lift home about 9.00 so it should be a good evening. so until tomorrow I will say Tatty Bye.

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