Monday, March 26, 2012

A Technological Monday

Welcome to the world of Technological advancement. Good morning people and it is another very Sunny and warm day here on the South coast of the UK. Today we have the Arrival into Portsmouth Dockyard of the Portsmouth based HMS Liverpool, a type 42 Destroyer built in 1980. This is her last time into portsmouth as she is being Decommissioned it was a nice bright sunny day for her last arrival here.
Arrival of HMS Liverpool into Portsmouth Dockyard today.

Sleepless Night.
Well it was not such a good nights sleep last night, I think my body clock is trying to catch up on that "Lost Hour" on Sunday anyway eventually got to sleep after much Tossing and Turning and then woke at 6.30. lazed in bed until 8.00 when I got up and made a coffee and took into the lounge with a couple of Breakfast biscuits and a Yoghurt.

Amanda arrives as usual at 8.50 and is full of the joys of spring, she is in a rush today so soon has me washed and groomed and then is on her way so I make another coffee and then text Pauline, and get the laptop up and running and go on line. Pauline Phones me Back, she is on the common with Misty and is watching HMS Liverpool come in . she has booked a Taxi for 11.15 to come and collect me and then up to Queen Alexander Hospital for a 12.00 noon appointment in the Cardiology Department.
Queen Alexandra hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth UK.
 Well we get to the QA  about 11.45 so we sit outside in the fresh air and Pauline has a cigarette  and then we make our way into the main Entrance and take the lift to C Level where the Vascular and Cardio Department is. Pauline has a job pushing the wheelchair as she has twisted her knee yesterday, so I said she needs the wheelchair more than I do today. Anyway we report to the receptionist and she phones through and we are straight in and seen to.

All it is today is to have the information downloaded from the "Reveal Monitor" that was implanted under the skin in my chest. this is the first download since it was implanted in February. the doctor said that there was nothing on the recorded ECG,s that was of concern, there were a couple of Palpitation events shown but that was normal. anyway he will write the report up and send it to the Cardiologist Consultant and also to my Neurologist and the GP. if they want to see me they will contact me otherwise the next download will be in two month,s however I am being supplied with a Medtronic CareLink machine so I can download from home without having to attend the clinic, if they see anything of concern they will contact me to make an appointment.
Medtronic CareLink Machine.
Costa Takeaway.

The Carelink Machine connect to the home phone line and is downloaded via the internet, this will save me a fortune in Taxi Fares and hospital visits. anyway it takes about 20 min,s in the clinic today, so we then go to the "Costa Cafe"  in the hospital and get coffee,s and a sandwich, I also have a Almond slice and we take these outside and sit in the sun and enjoy them, I then phone for the Taxi to take us home.

Once back home Pauline pops round to  Tesco to get a few bits of shopping, while I make the coffee,s. I am worried about Pauline,s Knee and has told her she needs to strap it up when she gets home, it loks like she has sprained a muscle, so hopefully it will ease later.It does not hurt when you press it or when she is sitting down, just when she walks on it, so it may be that we will not be going shopping tomorrow if it is no better and she will have to get it seen to at the walk in clinic.
Pauline at a walk in clinic with her knee.
well once coffees are finished Pauline makes her way home and i get settled with another coffee and then get todays Journal written and posted and then settle down for an hours nap in the armchair, so until tomorrow I will say Bye Bye.

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