Thursday, March 29, 2012

The poor motorist,s

Oh well No change in the News then, There is talk of a strike by Petrol Tanker Drivers. Although the union members have voted to go on strike, there has been no date set yet, so what happens ? our joke of a coalition government has advised people to "Fill up there cars and to keep petrol in "Jerry Cans" in there sheds or garages"". How stupid can they get, they are creating problems and panic buying among motorists.
Panic Buying at a Petrol station on Portsea Island.

What Petrol shortage ?
I am so glad that I gave up my car when I reached 60. I got my free bus pass and I either travel by Bus or by Taxi. Living in Portsmouth I am lucky as I am close to all amenities.
"Just heard on a News update on TV that the Government spokesman has admitted that a senior Government Minister gave wrong advice out about filling up your car and stock piling petrol." To late really, the damage has been done.

Happy Amanda.
It is another really nice day today, it was very sunny this morning with clear blue skies so did not stay in bed but got my coffee and breakfast and sat in bedroom with the door open and enjoying the nice fresh air, mind you I am suffering today for all that Chocolate cake I ate yesterday, still it was worth it. Amanda arrived at 8.40 and is hurrying to get her round finished and then to get back home out in the garden so she soon has me washed and groomed.

Once Amanda has gone I settle down to watch the Program about life in Britain in the 1950,s it is a really great program and brings back many happy recollections of childhood life in the 1950,s especially the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953 with the street party,s and now we are approaching her Diamond Jubilee.

Get well soon Pauline.
Pauline phones this morning to say she is sorry about not being able to take me shopping as she has still got this !! Cold !! she has picked up and also her Knee is still hurting, Anyway she is off to see the doctor, I tell her it is no problem as I have plenty of supplies in doors (I think she is really striking in support of the Petrol Tanker Drivers LOL) anyway she phones back later to say that the doctor has said it is a ligament in her knee she has pulled and that is should heal by itself in another week or two. and also her cold should clear up soon and just to go on taking paracetamol. Anyway I am glad she has seen a doctor and hope she feels better soon.

A Cat nap for me.
After the 1950,s program I watch last nights recorded episode of "Little House on the Prairie" and then go back into the bedroom to sit by the open door and log on to the laptop and check emails and facebook. at 1.00 I decide to get some lunch so today I have some Pink salmon out of a tin with a chopped up tomato and bread and butter with a nice cup of tea and it went down very well, I enjoyed that and now back to the bedroom for a cat nap for an hour.

Washing Up.
At 3.15 I decide I had better get on with the journal and get it posted so that It can be posted before 5.00 so that I am ready to watch Pointless on BBC1 at 5.15. I also need to get dinner ready to put on at 5.30 and tonight I will be having Steak and Kidney Pudding with Vegetables and Gravy. roll on Dinner, the problem is with all this fresh cooking is the washing up " any Volunteers"

well the time is now 4.30 and I am sat her just finishing this journal, it is still really warm and sunny here so I am just posting an image from the Portsmouth live webcam taken at 4.30 showing the spinnaker tower, the harbour and Gunwharf in all its glory in the spring Sunshine.
So there we are folks not a very exciting day for a thursday but hopefully Pauline will be OK for shopping again on Tuesday, Its days like this that i wish a Door to Door salesman would come round so I could have a bit of fun still time to go and get a cup of tea before pointless starts so until Tomorrow I will say Adios Amigo,s.

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